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UrbanView – Making Music

UrbanView By Javier Lopez

Making Music- Interview with 2LE

Five years ago this rap artist was featured on the Urbans’ CD reviews and since than he continues to make music! With time comes more albums, events and history. The question I was wondering before I began my research; was 2LE still in the rap game? It did not take long for me to discover a long line of albums and singles.

TL:You have been recording music since you were in your teens. How long have you been in the rap “game”(industry) 2LE: I have been recording and producing my own music for over 10years. Thank you for the interview. It has been at least 5years since you have reviewed my music on the Urban.

TL: Collectively about how many songs have you recorded? 2LE: Over 100 songs including singles, features and group projects. You can find a majority of my music online on iTunes. Most of my mix-tapes you can order with me on Facebook.

TL: Where did you grow up and in what way has your upbringing been reflected in your music? 2LE: Oakland CA. That being said, I am in a league of my own. My music reflects the good life not the street life, although my past collections have reflected dark times in my life that I have overcome making me the man I am today.

TL: You own an independent record label Barnyard. How did you fall into the business side of the music industry? 2LE: Out of necessity. I had to learn how to run my own business and profit ( from my talent working with promoters and business investors. I could not sit around and do nothing. I had to step my game up.

2LE had only this to say during our last minutes of our phone interview. I am still in the game and I do not plan on going anywhere. My mixtape will be something to cry about when you hear it. Love it or leave it. To me, music awards are not important if you do not put in the effort or the work. Be recognized and show your talent. My stage performance and music must be my main focus. The rest comes with the territory.



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