UrbanView – Masterpiece

UrbanView By Javier Lopez Masterpiece

Wake up to the sounds that played in your head moments before you open your eyes. The base, the tempo, the kick. This is it. No matter how you go about constructing your composition or shall I say, your music, grabbing the elements that play in your mind then relaying this sound to the keys on your board is only the beginning. Your gut feeling will only grow by adding the elements piece by piece. You’re a genius. It has become natural. Maybe you’re an inspiring up and coming rookie with passion. Ether way, you ask yourself, is this good enough to inspire the masses or just junk? Do I scrap it and start from scratch? My friend you’re only as good as you allow yourself to be.

Giving up now is like allowing sound to travel with no end. Allow yourself to be as critical about your work as you would be of that piece you heard the other day. Stop. Listen to it from a different perspective. Writing your song like your writing to the one person you admire. Love it. Embrace it. Imagine how many people will play this to drive an emotion. Bring joy or bring back memories. This is your body mind and soul. Created bye you and hand carved to perfection. This is truly yours and sharing this with the world is your drive. This is your masterpiece.

January is a new year for some and just another year for others.

Here are some of my hopes and dreams:

Dreams are a film strip of ideas and emotions. Setting a goal is closer to realty than dreaming. One of my many goals is to provide you as a reader with more education, information and stories.

My hope is for our community to be more aware of the violence and crime affecting our families. It takes everyone as a community to find change.



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