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UrbanView – November

UrbanView –

By Javier Lopez


TL-“What don’t kill you will only make you stronger” Hard work & backing ”Money” can make significant difference in the careers of many artists & DJs. Many times music politics are not taking in to consideration, leaving many who are not fully prepared, left in the dust! Talent or not! That being said, if not major but on a smaller scale, there are organizations such as the Modesto Music Awards, which award The Valleys Music Industry Players with trophies to show their appreciation for their hard work and dedication.


This article is the portal for a fraction of the Urban genre covered in the ModestoView, including Djays, Rap artist & Singers Spanish & English . In this 3 part interview, I introduce Luna J (Best Urban Award) Carlos DJ Liquid Ugarte (Best House DJ) & DJ Topek(Best Urban DJ).


Luna J (Best Urban Award)

TL-Besides music what other interesting Projects have you been involved with?


I am the Charity Ambassador of a company called Greater Purpose. Recently this summer I spent 3 weeks in Uganda, Africa helping Plant A Seed Foundation build a sustainable chicken farm for 1,500 children in need. Prior to the trip, we held fundraisers in the central valley and San Francisco and together raised $55,000 for this project. I was also blessed with the opportunity to sing and record with students at a school in Kabale, Uganda. They will be featured on my upcoming single called “Together We Are Strong”. This song also features children from the Modesto Salvation Army Youth Choir. All proceedswill be donated to great charity organizations focused on helping youth in need.


TL: Who gave you your first break?

LJ: DJ 9T9 started mixing my music into his sets on Hot 104.7 & it helped gain a lot of exposure for me here in the central valley


TL: When the Best urban was announced what was your first reaction?

LJ: I was really excited and honored especially given the fact that I was in the category with a great artist like Dev, who has been on the top of the charts this year. I’m very grateful to have my hometown support.


TL: Soon after you where pronounced the winner how did you feel about the turn out?

LJ: I was really glad to have my family, friends & fans there supporting me.


TL:Where and when is your next performance?

LJ: 2nd Sunday – Special Fall Edition in San Francisco. November 13th.

Check for more details and future events.


Carlos DJ Liquid Ugarte (Best House DJ):


TL: Who is DJ Liquid?

DJ: He’s an artist. When DJ LiQUiD is performing, you know your going to get askillfull, intelligent mix that stands out from the crowd.


TL: Does this award mean anything to you as a DJ?

DJ: Absolutely. Most of the other nominees in my category play house music at the clubs, while most of my performances are at events completely focused on dance music like house, electro, and dub-step. Winning this award, knowing I had the support of real house music lovers in the Modesto area makes me feel validated as a house music DJ.


TL: Do you have any released mixes or projects?

DJ: I have worked on several music projects for some big names like Millennium Dance Complex of Hollywood, Paul Mitchell, SuperCrew (from MTV) and more. I also make award-winning competition music for dance studios and choreographers nationwide. Unfortunately my projects are notavailable for download but I am looking forward to releasing my first full-length house mix before the year is over. The best way to experience my performance is live.


TL: Where can we find you spinning in the Central Valley?

DJ: After several years of playing house for Till Dawn Productions, I am proud to have my new affiliation with iParty Productions. Their 2nd Annual “Haunted Mansion” event has over 1,000 people attending and will take place on October 29th featuring house music all night long. You can catch me there in the mix and celebrating my birthday.



DJ Topek Best Urban DJ

TL: How did you get your name?

DJ: The name Topek came from my younger days as a street artist It had been given to me when I couldn’t decide to call myself so my friend said that I should writeTopic..not liking the letters I changed the ic to an ek. Making a name for myself in the streets i collected enough money and bought my first set of Technic turntable 1200s at the age of 21 and decided to stay with the name Dj Topek..


TL: Whould you or do you spin artist from the CV?

DJ: I actually do spin artists locally and try and help as much as I can for them to get heard. I feel a little help goes along way so if I can help there music get heard in clubs, mixes or help share music means I know goes a long way to the artists and fans of music. There’s music talent in the Central Valley that I feel that doesn’t get the recognition it should. Big shout-outs to the boys from Unique Swag Music..Tragic..Alina Hansen..Spit Sick…Xplicit..Jae Havana..Treidon Music and Juicalini


TL: What equipment do you prefer to spin on?Turn tables or a computer?& Why?

DJ: Being able to rock a show with turntables or cd players, my preference is to use Pioneer CD players with Serato. When the CD players came out it made DJing easier for its light baggage instead of hauling crates of records around. Now I just bring the laptop. A lot of DJs made the switch to CD’s so I bought a pair as well. Venues in Modesto carried them in the clubs so getting comfortableusing them and practicing at home still with my players I made it my Weapon of Choice. I currently am an owner of Technic 1200s , Dvj 1000’s with a Pioneer 800 mixer and Serato Sl1


TL: Where can we find you spinning in the CV?

DJ: You can catch me in the mix every Tuesday night inside of Miki Sushi, 180 Leveland (off McHenry behind Chase Bank) for Industry Night, FatCat music House & Lounge, Aqua Lounge and Copper Rhino, playing all your favorite Hip Hop, Club Bangers, Top 40 and House music


TL-Any Last words?

DJ: Big ups to my crew Talk of the Town , Carlos Lombrana , Dj Phlim , Dj Tease , Dj Chopstix , Jeffrey Nitaira of Miki Sushi , Chris Ricci without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. Much love.



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