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UrbanView-Vote or Die

UrbanView – VOTE or DIE By: Tru Luv Lopez

It may sound just a bit extreme to make such a statement like “Vote or die”, but in my personal opinion if you are not part of the solution you are a part of the problem. Your voice is mute and simply your argument dies!

Presidential election 2012 is mostly focused on Democratic Barack Obama & Republican Mitt Romney ! Where dose the Hip Hop community & politics mix? Groups such as Public Enemy, ICE Cube, 2Pac have always been pioneers in Hip Hop & their proactive movement!

In 2012, we see artists such as 50 Cent & Nicky Manaj supporting Republican MittRomney & artists such as Jay Z & Chuck D leaning towards democratic Barack Obama. Online you see Katy Perry sporting a Obama outfit and movie actors are jumping in on the support for Mitt. Depending where you live there are many measures on the ballot that we have to vote on. Don’t believe the hype! Follow up on the facts, not the advertisements. Look for the supporters of the propositions, you may be surprised who endorses who and what!

I am a firm believer in being proactive in your community. Know your politics in your city and the issues that effect you on a local level. Our great state of California is in great debt! Crime is on the rise and we have to pay close attention to our elected officials.

If you do not vote in this upcoming election. I hope you’re not the person complaining about our system later especially when you may have had an opportunity to have your voice heard! HipHop is about awareness, the issues, what affects us and what is happening in our world. Like I said in the very beginning, Vote or Die!!

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