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UrbanView – Year in Review

UrbanView By Javier Lopez

2013 has been an interesting ride. This year we covered on many topics and interviews. We touched on subjects such as distributing your music online and your options. I had the opportunity to revisit a band gaining national attention, “Los Reales del Norte”. Interviewed with DJ Luis Dominguez, one of many influential personalities from the central valley. We had one on one interviews with rappers such as Cobalt and 2LE. We spoke on representation in the music industries the do’s and don’ts and offered advice on when the best time to release your music to the masses. Promoters such as Reg Evens get up close with and personal. One of our Urban highlights was a behind the scene look at an XFest talent competition and our interview with Mr. Latino which may seam kind of odd an magazine writing about another magazine.

All these topics in one year, which inspires and motivate the masses. My thanks to the continued efforts by all those who contribute to the local music scene. For the first time I am offering the public a chance to message me questions or request topics you would like the UrbanView to cover regarding the local music scene. Contact me via

Congratulations ModestoView for the 2013 MARCOM award!



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