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Thin is in and big is out! The desire to get back in to shape and being healthy has been running thru the minds of everyone lately. Many overweight and unhealthy artists are getting back into shape. In the late 90’s, Rapper Big Pun Struggled with weight problems during his lifetime, Pun died on February 7, 2000 after a fatal heart attack. That was then and now Puns long time friend Rapper Fat Joe is not so fat Joe anymore; some people are calling him small Joe, losing a reported 100 pounds. Rapper Heavy D died at the age of 44 of a heart attack. Regularly playing the Modesto area, Bay Area rapper E 40 has also been changing his lifestyle and has lost a lot of weight within the last few months. Seams like E40 has been juicing “fruits and vegetables” Perfect for our area. Even in his songs he raps about about how skinny *** is in and big *** is out. I can relate and feel many artist like myself have had some kind of rude awakening. I have lost over 60 pounds and feel better than ever! My motivation to get back into shape was the death of a family member who alsopassed away from a heart attack. RIP Javi. No doubt an artists’ music is as important as their style and looks. Lose the weight and lose the heart attack.. Maybe you can sell more records? Maybe you will live longer and enjoy life in a different aspect. At the end of the day music motivates many and inspiresall!

What music do you listen to while on the treadmill or in the Gym?

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