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Veterans Day – Interviews With Local Veterans

In recognition of Veterans Day we interviewed 11 brave men and women who served our country. ModestoView asked each Veteran the same questions and found some common threads. Don’t forget on November 11th to fly your flag and celebrate all the men and women who have served our country!


Our Veteran Interviews were with:

Bob DeLeon – US Army, Vietnam December 1964-1965


A.E. (Al) Menshew – US Navy, Korea 1948-1952


Peter D. Tripp – US Marine Corps, Washington, DC

Walt Butler – US Navy, Long Beach, CA

Zach Sharp – US Marine Corps, Fallujah, Iraq
Monica Beaudette – US Air Force, Davis Mountain, AZ
Chuck Saylor – US Navy, Korea

Matt Dias – US Marine Corp, Camp Pendleton, CA

Alyssa LaMesjerant – US Army, Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn (active)
Walter Golden – US Navy, USS Kitty Hawk

Jon DeCamara – US Air Force, Okinawa, Japan

MV: What did you miss most about home?

Allyssa: Mom’s home cooked meals and In-N-Out Burger

Bob: My fiance’ who is now my wife, Roni

Al: Mom’s home cooking

Walt: Waves on the Water Tamale’ Parlor (used to be in downtown)

Zach: Taco Trucks

MV: What made you most proud during your service?

Peter: Guarding the President while he was at Camp David

Walter: Giving something back for the privileges and advantages of living in this country.

Zach: The camaraderie I had with my fellow troops.

Alyssa: That we are a part of something big in Iraq and Afghanistan (sic) the countries
are slowly evolving for the better.

Chuck: I was proud to serve my country.

John: Patriotism.

Matt: I was proud to wear the Uniform and carrying on the traditions of the Corp.

Monica: Being welcomed by all the people and high ranking officials who appreciated
our service and what we stood for.

MV: What do you like most about Modesto now?

Monica: Sense of Community.

Zach: The family and friends here in the area.

Chuck: I love Modesto’s diversity.

Matt: It’s a big town with a small town vibe!

Walter: The lifestyle and the pace; it is slow but not too slow.

Alyssa: It’s between everything there is to love about NorCal.

MV: What can we do better in Modesto?

Bob: Bring business to Modesto. We need jobs.

Peter: Get people to slow down and be more business friendly.

Walt: Improve the roads.

John: Find the specific needs of businesses to build legislation around the needs of
business instead of the reverse.

Monica: Make public transportation more accessible and easier to use.

Chuck: Regain civility.

Matt: Modesto could do a better job at improving its public image.

MV: What advice do you have for young people about to serve their country?

Monica: Absorb the entire experience, take pictures and relish the time.

Zach: Plan ahead for life after service and invest in your Thrift Savings Plan

Chuck: Lessons learned in the Military will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Matt: Take full advantage of opportunities to further your education.

Alyssa: Never take your eyes off the prize. Goals are so important to have in place.

Bob: Be a good citizen, serve others and be involved in the community. As the saying
goes, “every little bit counts”.

Walter: The privilege of serving is key to exposure of other cultures and people –
broaden your horizons.

Al: Get a wonderful education, travel to parts of the world you would not normally
visit and work with people from all over the country.

John: Surround yourself with people who have good attitudes.

Peter: Keep your nose clean and be proud.

Walt: Be proud of your service. When you leave, join a Veterans organization and get
your benefits.

Interviews Conducted by;
Todd Aaronson
Chris Murphy
Reginald Rucker



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