Where will you be in ’22?

Where will you be in ’22? Our American Graffiti spirit needs to be passed on to the next generations and be something that our entire city and be proud of. We have our legionary cruisers, we have the film American Graffiti and a whole new generation is finding this excitement and murals and public art are starting to appear around town. The first one is an amazing ’32 Deuce Coup thanks to John Black, Aaron Vickery FASM, Wells Fargo and the Peer Recovery Art Project for spearheading this. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

“The Peer Recovery Art project , Wells Fargo Bank and the legendary Aaron Vickery of FASM Murals felt that Modesto has a place for all types of artistic impression. Much talk in our city about mural projects but this production is our gift to those Modesto Graffiti Summer enthusiasts that have only dreamed that such a fine tribute to Modesto’s heritage could become reality”. John Black – 201



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