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WildlifeView – 2 Little Birds & Me Makes 3

2 Little Birds & Me Makes 3
by Efren Martinez

Those of you who know me know that my mutual loving relationship with animals is somewhat unique. So when I came across a little house sparrow near death on my Sunday morning run, I picked it up and walked it back to my home in order to try and save its life. Ok you’re probably thinking this doesn’t sound all that unique since stuff like this happens to you and me all the time. Yes, animals have been known to find me when they are in trouble. I get that and I always follow the lead of my favorite Saint, Saint Frances of Assisi, the patron Saint of animals and ecology.

As soon I got it home my wife and I were able to get the sparrow to drink some water. As he laid there I struggled with the thought of leaving him, should I go and continue my 8 mile run or stay with this little bird? Soon after I prayed about it and I came to accept that at any moment he might take his last breath. All I could do at this point was to comfort him so that he could have a peaceful death if that was going to be Gods’ will.

Shortly after that I left my home to continue my run once again when I came across another baby bird in trouble about 1/2 mile from my home. This baby mocking bird appeared to have been abandoned by the mother and was suffering on the hot sidewalk. Having plenty of experience on how to care for abandoned baby birds, I picked this one up too and headed back home. Good thing, this little bird was dehydrated and my wife and I got her to drink quite a bit of water. So there I was, it was Sunday morning and in the presence of my home I had 2 wild birds once again needing my assistance. Seriously, I had no choice where to go from there so I went on my run.

Running is very Spiritual for me, in fact I often get many of my life inspirations from God while I run. So somewhere between mile 6 and 7 it came to me. Finding 2 birds in trouble on the same morning within one mile from my home told me that this was no coincidence, all things happen for a reason. Well soon after my enlightenment on why this happened to me, I knew that if this little sparrow had any chance of surviving I needed to get it to The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center in Hughson. From that moment on my run turned into a race to get both these birds there fast.

I spent no time at home lollygagging soon as I got back and I was glad to see that the little song bird was still alive. Still in my running clothes I loaded up both birds and got the little sparrow there in the nick of time. As far as the baby mockingbird, she’s as healthy as I am. Soon after we gave her some water to drink, she became very active. Anyway, both birds look like they are going to be OK. How do I know? Right after I exited The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Centers doors I sat in my van for a moment and gave thanks to the Lord and Saint Francis for guiding me through all of this. In my prayer I couldn’t also help but ask; will they really be OK Lord?

Then just as I stared my van the radio came on and the song that played was “3 little birds” by the legendary Mr. Bob Marley. As tears began to fall down my face I started to sing that song louder than I have ever sang any other song.
Please be kind to all animals and each other.
Efren Martinez

Support The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center!
On September 19th The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center invites all of you to join them for their 31st Anniversary Day with Wildlife. They will have several wildlife creatures for you to meet as well as Face Painting, Kids Crafts, A Bake Sale, Tri-Tip Sandwiches, Sundaes, Refreshments, Raffles, Tee Shirts and more.
The Events is from 10 am to 3 pm
For a schedule of activities, animals presentations, raffle items, and other details visit their website @

Or call them at (209) 883-9414
Address: 1220 Geer Rd, Hughson, CA 95326
The Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center is not a Stanislaus County Government Agency & relies a great deal on your support and membership.
Support them here

Suggestions below on what to do if you find a bird.
If you find a baby bird that has feathers, it’s eyes are open and it is able to move away from you:
– The best thing to do is leave it alone! The parents will find it and continue to take care of it wherever it is. Baby birds do not leave the nest knowing how to fly. They initially fall out of the nest, and start clinging to branches or brush. The stay close to the ground for about 1-2 weeks, and start flying with short hops from branch to branch. The hops gradually get longer, until the bird eventually flies.

If the bird is in immediate danger of being attacked by a cat or dog:
– When possible, remove the cat or dog from the area until the bird is able to fly (1-2 weeks).
– Put the bird in a nearby bush, shrub or tree limb, out of harm’s way. Most birds have a poor sense of smell, and the parents will not abandon a baby bird touched by humans.
– Don’t stay in the immediate vicinity of the bird – the parents are probably watching and will not approach if you stay around.

If you find a baby bird with little or no feathers and you know where the nest is:
– Return the bird to its nest.

If the nest is destroyed, cannot be found, or cannot be reached:
– You can make one using a small basket or margarine container. Punch holes in the bottom and line the container with paper towel (not with grass, as moisture in the grass can cause birds to become too cold). Secure the ‘nest’ with duct tape in a branch fork near the old nest. The parents will find it.

If you are certain the bird is an orphan:
– When you are certain the parents have been killed, prepare to transport the bird to a rehabilitation facility. Carefully place the baby bird in a small open container linked with paper towel, and place both in a cardboard box
– Do not attempt to feed or water an orphaned bird. A bird’s diet is very particular and they have a feeding schedule that must be followed.

If you are tempted to keep the baby bird:
– DON’T. Migratory birds, including songbirds, are protected under federal law. Possession of a bird, its nest or eggs without a permit is illegal.



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