X Fest – Local Band Mania

X Fest 2013 Local Music Mania Modesto’s X fest has something for everyone. From the national artists like Puddle of Mudd. DMX, Aaron Carter and more to the huge line up of local bands. Over 120 performers and bands on 14 stages on 12 blocks of downtown Modesto make it a great night. There are over 50 local bands playing and many of your favorite DJs. Music you love on every stage. Your favorite downtown bars and restaurants will be open inside the XFest so you have many places to hang out. ModestoView is helping sponsor the Rockabilly and the Fuzio stage so come by and say hey. Make sure you are rested and ready for a great night on the town. So grab your ID (you have to be 21) and get your tickets now for $20 or at the door for $30

Doors open at 5:00 pm – Get there early to avoid the lines! Music Starts at 6:00 pm – You can bring a camera and a bottle of water. No bottles, chairs, ice chests, gang wear or anything unsafe. Make this a fun night in Downtown Modesto. Carpool if you can.

Entrances: 12th & I 10th & K 11th & K 9th & J 9th & H

X Fest Schedules These are the most updated as of July 24 Check back regularly at www.modestoview.com to get the latest as X Fest gets closer. Go to ModestoView.com and download our X Fest planner so you don’t miss a thing.

Bud Light KHOP Stage 6:00- Inside Out 6:45- Natural Vibrations 7:45- J Boog 8:45- Iration 10:00- Aaron Carter 11:00- Puddle of Mudd 12:15- Mid October

Talk of the Town / BudLight / KWIN Stage 6:00- Split Flame 6:15- Cobalt 45 6:30- Squalid the Troll 7:00- Vokab Company 7:30- Jr. Cali 7:45- Definne & UT (Jorge) 8:00- P. Ocean 8:15- Rey Res & 8:25- June 8:40- Zyme feat. Clayton Williams 8:55- Tino Cochino 9:10- King Mackalot 9:40- Drop City Yacht Club 10:20- DMX 11:05- Serious Bizness 11:20- Work Dirty 11:35- Dirty D 12:00- Recess 12:20- Topek 12:40- Sergio Solis

Modesto Toyota – 104.1 The Hawk Ron and Doug’s Excellent Promotions Stage 6:00- Triple DDD 6:45- Ron and Doug’s Most Excellent Tribute 8:15- DAM 9:00- Mad Cow Industries – Pink Floyd Tribute with lasers 10:00- Y&T 11:00- Moonshine Bandits 12:15- Hit N’ Run

The Firkin and Fox/ Support Local Music Stage/ Ron & Doug 6:00- Callbox 6:45- Nightvale 7:30- Z strain 8:15- Josh Rosenblum 9:00- Junk Shaker 9:45- Knuckleheads 10:45- The Butlers 11:30- Joe Barretta Band 12:15- Bonemen

Fuzio Tribute Stage / Mojo Productions 6:00- Electric Funeral (Ozzy) 6:30- Ledbetter (Pearl Jam) 7:00- Jagged Little Pill ( Alanis) 7:30- Beer Drinkers/Hell Raisers (ZZTop) 8:05- Kisser (Female Kiss) 8:35- My Hero (Foo Fighters) 9:05- One Love (Bob Marley) 9:30- Hormones (Female Ramones) 10:10- Killer Queens ( Queen) 10:50- Cruella (Motley Crue) 11:30- Dirty Deeds (AC/DC) 12:05- Prieszt (Judas Priest) 12:30- Crimson Host (Misfits Tribute)

Nic’s New Rock Stage/ Richard T Meyer Attorney 6:00- Nothing But Losers 6:35- Some Fear None 7:10- Klank 7:45- Six Weeks Sober 8:20- Zombie Death Stench 8:55- Theory of our Kind 9:30- Clockwork Hero 10:00- Better Left Unsaid 10:35- Dedvolt 11:10- Toy Called God 11:45- South of Sanity

ModestoView / Sweet Pea Knickers /Unity Music Stage 7:00- Geromino & The Scalpers 8:00- Them Creatures 9:00- Rockin’ Rick & Rhythm Wranglers 10:00- The Pendletons 11:15- Jailbreak 12:15- Thirsty Three

5150 Energy Drink /Sweat Entertainment Foam Party Stage 5:30- DJ Tommy P 6:15- DJ Monster Mack 7:15- DJ Rhythm 8:15- DJ Krazie 9:15- DJ DVS 10:15- DJ Randy G 11:30- DJ Tease/ DJ Enfo

GHR Presents: Dancetronauts 6:00- Teddy C 6:45- Felipe Avelar (GHR) 7:30- Glitzy 8:15- Nick G 10:00- Bad Boy Bill & Richard Visson 11:00- Dancetronauts feat/ DJ Philly Phil

5150 Energy / Opulent Temple – Random Nights 6:00- Questic 7:00- Dr. Jones 8:00- Drew Drop 9;00- Brian Peek 9:45- Cosmic Selector 10:30- Syd Gris v. Kimba 11:15- Brian Williams 12:00- Billy Casazza

Nic’s Punk Stage 6:00- Brokenote Undertone 6:35- Bully The Kid 7:10- The PRiCKs 7:45- Your Band Sucks 8:20- Fallen Short 8:55- California Medication 9:30- Pounders 10:25- Broken Trojan 11:00- Keep It Lit 11:35- A La Lune

Levels Stage 6:00- Dade 7:00- Chaos 8:00- Glimpse 9:00- Thrawn 10:00- Daniel Mendez 11:00- Zin 12:00- Zya

Fat Cat Stage 6:00- Robin Hood Effect 7:15- Renegade Conspiracy 8:15- Nesta 9:15- DJ Eric G 10:00- DG Topek One 11:00- DJ Lorenzo 12:00- DJ Weapon

Upstairs 10:00- Felipe Garcia 11:00- Aaron Galvez 12:00- Glenn Hamarstom 1:00- Teddy C



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Chris Murphy is the President and CEO of Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group and Publisher and Founder of ModestoView Inc. Chris worked globally in the cycling industry returning to Modesto in 1996. He is also the founder of the Modesto Historic Graffiti Cruise Route, Legends of the Cruise Walk of Fame, Modesto Rockin’ Holiday, the Modesto Music History Organization and co-founder of the Modesto Area Music Association. Chris is married to his artist wife Rebecca since 1985 and has two daughters Madison and Abigail, both graduating from Modesto High and UC Berkeley. He is lead singer and guitarist for his band, Third Party that donates their performances to non-profits.