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By Mary Layton


Oh, there’s such pleasure in perfect timing. To say, do, show up or stay away, create something or get rid of something just at the right time! Really feels good when it happens. Perfect timing is magical. For example, a teacher saying something to a student just at the right time, when the student can hear it, get it, can really do something with the information. As opposed to saying it at the wrong time, when the student is not ready and ends up frustrated. Of course, this is true for all human interactions.

Good timing in business is crucial. When to market a product, strike a business deal, or make an important move. Right time, right words, right contact. In the martial arts timing is essential. Before the punch or push is delivered it is already blocked by the opponent with little effort, taking the incoming energy and turning it into his advantage. Right time, right contact, right place, right angle. You need a quiet, relaxed and open mind to achieve perfect timing. It is a journey that requires lots of practice and willingness to wait for the right moment. Once you stop just “doing things” you are on the way to discover the right timing. or call (209) 572-4518



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Mary Layton has practiced T'ai Chi for 35 years and co-founded T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy of Modesto in1995. She and her partner have taught hundreds of students. Mary travels frequently to learn from her teacher Grand Master Kai Ying Tung. Interested in every aspect of health Mary likes to follow a natural path. She loves writing, painting, gardening, hiking and playing piano.