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ZenView – Compassion

By Mary Layton

It is time to celebrate our mothers again. We owe them so much, don’t we? They are the ones that bring us into this world after months of discomfort and finally incomparable pain in the delivery room. Of course it doesn’t stop there. From the moment we are born our mothers worry about us, they give up their life as they knew it to take care of us. They pass on what they learnt from their mothers as they raise, nurture and feed us. It is a never-ending job.

Mothers deserve our compassion. Is there any job on this planet that is as difficult, complex and challenging, with such grueling hours? We often take mothers for granted, let’s face it. We demand that they be perfect, that they love and understand us just right. They are supposed to know and do the right thing. And we fly into rebellion if they don’t. It is often not until a child reaches adulthood that he or she realizes that Mother is a person too. Given her personality, past history, circumstances and responsibilities she does the best she can. Since my mother passed away last year I appreciate her even more and realize how much she taught me, including the ability to have compassion – to accept people, including myself, as they are and still love them.

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Mary Layton has practiced T'ai Chi for 35 years and co-founded T'ai Chi Ch'uan Academy of Modesto in1995. She and her partner have taught hundreds of students. Mary travels frequently to learn from her teacher Grand Master Kai Ying Tung. Interested in every aspect of health Mary likes to follow a natural path. She loves writing, painting, gardening, hiking and playing piano.