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ZenView – Connection

Connection…more connection

The other night I did something new. I went to a music jam session, facilitated by a guy who has a music background and experience in this sort of thing. We were 12 people and we all had brought our favorite instruments. There were lots of drums but also guitars, violins, flutes and other rare instruments. Our very kind and gentle leader instructed us to listen to each other, to imitate a rhythm or a melody. He’d have one group play, the rest would listen, and on cue, he’d have people join in at different times.

I was surprised how much fun that was. And how good we sounded! Everyone seemed suddenly transformed, relaxed and in a great mood. A lot of what is troubling people nowadays is the isolation and stress brought on by technology.

I think we all crave and need a deeper kind of connection. Something that makes us forget our problems and anxieties while bringing us physically together.

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