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ZenView-Quiet Mind

Mary Layton written by our longtime student Hector Hernandez.

Focus: The Quiet Mind

There are many thoughts and schools on achieving a meditative state. Aftersifting through libraries on this subject, you might find some common ideasabout meditation. The most prevalent concepts in reference to this journey of focus are: relaxation, breath, acknowledging but not attaching to thought, and awareness. The practitioner of meditative focus should begin by relaxing. Relaxation techniques can be learned in the study of disciplines such as T’ai Chi or Yoga. Generally people think they have to sit down to meditate, but you can meditate anywhere like when you’re standing in a line. Some people may not be able to be still to meditate. For those who prefer motion, T’ai Chi and Chi Kung are good for this and are known as ‘Moving Meditation’. Give breathing your attention. Just know that you will eventually breathe deeper and slower but do not make an effort to do so. After practicing this for awhile, it will happen on its own. As you focus on your breathing and listen to your body, unrelated thoughts will pop into your head. Don’t try to stop thinking, but instead acknowledge each thought and let it move away from you like a leaf on a stream of water. Just be aware as eachthought appears and disappears. By practicing to focus regularly, you will be well on your way to achieving a quiet mind. In the next issue,we’ll see how T’ai Chi Ch’uan is used to achieve a quiet mind and how this affects the body.



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