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BluesView: Farewell

BluesView: Bye Bye Team I will be Rooting for you
By Earl Matthews

Hello everyone. Thank you all so much for the love you have shown to me over my years at the Modesto View. As you should know by now, my love for the ViewCrew runs deep and wide but, it is time for me to move on from my monthly column. I will still be working with the View from time to time. Who knows, I may be back as a writer someday. The important thing I want you to know is that I’m leaving for the best possible reason, I’m too busy working on my music to spend time writing about it. Things with my group Gravel & Grace are picking up and I really need to stay focused on making it a success. So here goes one last time giving you a few of my favorite blues shows for March of 2020.

Gravel & Grace are sharing the stage with Gloria T and the Innervision Band for the first time at the Torch Club on the 4th. On the 6th you can catch Western Bound at Bookies. Morris Day and the Time are performing at the Tracy Grand on the 7th, great live show. On the 12th The Bluesbox Bayou Band is heading back up to Black Oak Casino. Local Favorite Gary Gervase and Kickstart Blues Band are at Urbano on the 13th

Miss Bonnie Raitt is performing at the Gallo Center on the 21st. She is everything she is cracked up to be and more, in case you are on the fence. Groveland is the place to be for blues fans on the weekend of the 27-28th. You can catch Gary Gervase and Kickstart Blues Band on Saturday and Jeramy Norris & The Dangerous Mood will be holding court at The Iron Door both nights. You can also eat a great meal with a side of blues every Sunday afternoon at the Downtown location of Chef’s of New York.

In closing, I will miss being a viewcrew member. It’s been fun. Come see me when you get the chance and always remember to say hi.

March 2020

1st Texas Funk Cafe Urbano 

4th Gravel & Grace and Gloria T and The Innervision Band at Torch Club in Sacramento

6th Western Bound at Bookies

7th Western Bound at Main St Inn

7th Morris Day & The TIme at the Tracy Grand Theater

12th The Bluesbox Bayou Band at Black Oak Casino

13th Gary Gervase and Kickstart Blues Band at Cafe Urbano 7-10

14th Western Bound at Broken Arrow

20th Western Bound at Rivets

21st Bonnie Raitt at the Gallo Center

21st Gloria T and The Innervision Band at Whirlow’s Miracle Mile in Stockton

26th Paul Thorn at Black Oak Casino 

27th-28th Jeramy Norris & The Dangerous Mood at The Iron Door In Grooveland 

28th Gary Gervase and Kickstart Blues Band at Pine Mountain Lake Bar and Grill in Groovland 

Sundays Tony and the Tuff Times at Chefs of New York on J St 2-6pm

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