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ComedyView: MAMA Winner

ComedyView: MAMA Winner Chris Teicheira
By Felecia Aleman

Hello, hello, hello. I am currently at an undisclosed location in the South, but I can still stay current 209 goings-on.
Last month I had each MAMA-nee give their statement and this month I have an interview with this year’s winner: Chris Teicheira. This is Chris’ second win.
Chris is a Manteca native and when he’s not driving his tractor for his family farm he is busy making people laugh. Chris is also the closest thing to a leader of the Deaf Puppies. The Deaf Puppies is a group of comics who bring together their unique talents to produce shows throughout the valley and maybe a little mischief, too. The group is named after Chris’ very own doggy pal who is, in fact, a deaf puppy.
Felicia: How long have you been performing?
Chris: This is my 10th year, though I did take a few months off in 2010 to start and end a marriage.
Felicia: Is it different winning the second time?
Chris: It was a little different this time, I’d lost 6 or 7 years in a row when I won the first. So this one was a little more joyous, and not so much a relief as 2015.
Felicia: What was your secret to winning?
Chris: My secret to winning is being a FB tramp, and having high school teacher sisters that can offer their students extra credit for votes.
Felicia: How do you stay funny?
Chris: I go through periods of spending 14 hours a day, for 7 days a week in a tractor – the solitary confinement encourages humor…and time to talk out loud to myself.
Felicia: What projects do you have coming up?
Chris:  I’m currently finalizing a spot in Manteca to open a comedy club. The Central Valley is definitely big enough to support it, and Manteca is 15 minutes from Modesto, Stockton, and Tracy – centralized Location Location Location. Deaf Puppy Comedy Club coming.
Felicia: What advice do you have for comics?
Chris: Don’t be in a rush to Headline. You aren’t ready.
Felicia: Anything you want to tell your fans?
Chris: Buy a Deaf Puppies shirt – my dog needs food.
There you have it, folks. Words of wisdom with this year’s MAMA winner.
Do you think you should be nominated? Make sure you are publicizing yourself. We can’t nominate you if we don’t know you.
See you next month. Stay hydrated.

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