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Weight Loss Made Easy
By Efren Martinez

Halloween has passed and the chill in the air is starting to get even chillier. Soon we’ll be all layering up with sweaters and jackets. Yes the flip flop sandals have been put on the highest shelf in our closet along with our sped up metabolic rate we were enjoying during the summer. As I’ve mentioned in previous FitViews, when it gets cold, our metabolic rate generally slows down and it’s easier for most of us to gain weight during the cold winter months. In fact research has us to believe that most of use will put on an extra 4-6 pounds over the holidays. Why? During the hot summer months our metabolic rate generally speeds up because our bodies are working harder to keep us cool. When you perspire, it’s a sure sign that your metabolic rate is in full gear. It is flowing at a much faster pace to keep us cool versus if we were lounging all snuggled up with a blanket on the sofa. During the winter we all tend to be less active and it starts right around October.

Lately I’ve noticed a decline of people at my gym as well as the regular folks that I’d see out exercising when I’m on a run or bike ride. Loads of factors are up against you this winter to stay away from the gym and/or your fitness routine. Another show stopper that might be up against you to shy off from your fitness is the loss of dayight in comparison to how much sunshine we had all summer. Soon it will be dark by 5 pm and you just might find yourself looking to put on your pajamas. Don’t do it! Instead put on you fitness clothes even if you don’t plan on working out. This should help push away that mind set internal clock that’s telling you it’s dark and time for bed.

So here it is, it’s too dark to go for a run or bike ride. It’s too cold to even think about going to the gym when you’re all cozy and warm on the sofa. No worries! You can still avoid gaining those extra 4-6 pounds during the holidays without much effort. Back when I was 330lbs, I wasn’t healthy enough to exercise so instead of doing pushups, I started to do push-outs. They’re simple and have to do more with self discipline. How it works is when that second helping of food is put in front of you, “push it out” and away. That glass of eggnog, push it out and away. That second cocktail, push it out and away. That scoop of ice-cream or piece of cake, push it out and away! You get the idea. Honestly doing these push outs helped me in so many ways. Soon after I managed easily pushing out and away those second helpings. I was able to incorporate this behavior to help me quit smoking and any other unfavorable habits. Now if I can just use this same concept to help me with shopping. Comically speaking and according to my wife, this would be a favorable thing since I tremendously love to shop for fashionable clothes.
Cheers to your health!

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