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UnpluggedView: The Kids Are Alright

Unplugged View: The Kids Are Alright
by Aaron Rowan

Three months without a live music experience. That I have not committed seppuku with my musical saw by now is one of life’s minor miracles. More than anything, I’m hankering to get back to featuring the next generation of vocal stars of our area who have become such a staple of Modesto Unplugged programming. Look for a few of them to appear on stage this summer season – possibly starting up again next month. Let’s get to know another of my favorite Young Artists I’ve had the honor of working with earlier this year – rising Opera Modesto star Elizabeth Barton.
A recently graduated high school senior, Ellie has been studying music since 2009. She attended Opera Modesto’s Summer Opera Institute the past two years and was a prize winner in the 2019 Kristina Townsend memorial scholarship competition. She made her professional operatic debut in ‘Rigoletto’ last October at the Gallo Center, and has participated in several other productions through Opera Modesto and Modesto Performing Arts. Ellie has also appeared in numerous standalone concerts, the most recent of which was her starring showcase at the Dragonfly Art For Life downtown – the last evening I was able to host there.
Another showcase where Ellie played a prominent role was the latest Opera Modesto/Modesto Unplugged collaboration, a Christmas program with a twist. You can relive a few selections Ellie lent her vocal talents to during that concert on the ‘Opera Modesto TOP Young Artists’ channel on YouTube. ‘Bring A Torch’ is my personal favorite. In addition to soprano singing, Ellie plays the piano, violin, and acts in local plays, and is looking to continue to enhance her vocal performance career. She will be back doing her thing at my series as soon as humanely possible, so if you haven’t forgotten the magic of intimate live music after all this time, don’t. I do believe things are about to start heating up again, in more ways than one. Stay safe and stay tuned.
Intimate performances. Infinite playlist. MODESTO UNPLUGGED.

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