New Year’s Spirit!

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By Abbey Murphy

The holidays are over and all the magical feelings may be left behind with December, but now it’s time to bring in the New Year! Rumors are that this year, 2012, may be the last, so the youth in Modesto need to make it count! Okay, so as a student at Modesto High and a dedicated member of THE BLACK HOLE, our spirited cheering section for basketball games, I’m sure I’m not the only high school student who is absolutely stoked for the upcoming basketball season.Make sure all of you students, whether you’re cheering for Beyer’s Red Sea, Downey’s Blue Crew, Davis’ Green Machine, Johansen’s Purple Reign, Enoch’s Eagle Entourage or Gregori come out to support your basketball team that has worked extremely hard in the preseason to try and win the desired MMC Title. The rivalries are heating up and the season’s fast approaching so work on those cheers and bust out that spirit.

I’m sure that many of you have heard about poverty and hunger throughout the world, but many of us don’t realize that these issues face us right in our hometowns. On February 4th 2012, The Stone Soup Dinner presented by Modest

Blake House on the court

o High’s Project Hope will be an event to help raise awareness for families and people of all ages. The dinner is based off the old legend where a community comes together to make soup by each individual bringing something to share, then eventually, the soup that was made is incredible! I’m letting you know about this ahead of time because the tickets will be s

old throughout January. You can contact me at or Michael Chiavetta at for more info and we will gladly sell you tickets to come to this event!

So bring a canned food or two to this dinner and I can guarantee that this will be a great place to get an amazing meal and see videos and presentations that will empower you to help the world, but especially in Modesto as well. Throughout the past year, our Social Media Manager, Madison Murphy (aka my beautiful sister), and I have had the incredible o

pportunity to attend many concerts and music festivals throughout central California. These experiences have opened my

eyes to so many more genres, vibes, and styles of music and I’m the first to advocate for exposure to music.

Right here in Modesto, local bands play allover and the Queen Bean often gives us the chance to go out and see them show off their new projects. Here are some upcoming shows you should definitely check o


QueenBean Shows January 2012
Jan 6 – Heaven-Lindsey Burtch

, Bethany Taylor and Tawney 8 pm
Jan 13 – LoveCore – 8pm Jan 19 – Shaylin Nichole – 8 pm
Jan 20 – Sweet Pea Knickers Promotion “Jen Allsup’s night to rock with awesome bands” 7 pm
Jan 26 – Nick Shattel 8 pm
Jan 27 – Myosin – 7 pm
Jan 28 – Dandelion Massacre – 7 pm Acoustic music inside by the fireplace
EveryTuesday – Bluegrass Jam



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