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3 Doors Down at the Gallo Center

3 Doors Down
by Middagh Goodwin
Photos by Michael J Mangano

Sunday August 30th, 3 Doors Down performed to a capacity crowd at the Gallo Center for the Arts in downtown Modesto. Going into the concert hall as a music lover but only a casual listener to the band; I thought I would only recognize the major hits. I was familiar with many more songs(I guess that should be expected from a band with 4 Top 10 Albums 2 that reached #1). The majority of the people in attendance seemed to be familiar with every song, but when 3 Doors Down would break into a single the crowd would erupt and sing along.

The band kicked the evening off playing Here Without You (which reached #5 in the US Singles Chart) After performing Duck and Run, Vocalist Brad Arnold announced to the crowd that it was ok for them to take photos or videos as long as they uploaded them and tagged the band, #3doorsdown, stating we love that stuff. The band proceeded to play a rocking set peppered with hits, Let Me Go, It’s Not My Time, Loser, Behind Those Eyes, Be Like That (Arnold stated that he did not forget the words but that this was the American Pie Edit and we have to mix it up from time to time.) and ending the set with Citizen/Soldier. 3 Doors Down left the stage and the crowd knew what would come as the encore and you could hear chants of Superman, Superman. The band came back on stage and asked are you ready to sing a long? Then kicked in with Kryptonite with what seemed to be the entire audience singing along for the chorus.

The band then thanked the people of Modesto for helping them do this for so many years(Brad said he has been playing music for longer then he has done anything else.) He once again said “thanks my friends” a statement he had made repeatedly over the nights performance and you could tell he was being genuine. They closed with When I’m Gone dedicated to all the members of the Armed Forces, overseas, at home and in the Audience, next thing I know Brad is in the middle of the audience walking down the aisle shaking hands, giving hugs and taking pictures all along singing the song. Giving so many fans that something special to tell their friends about. By the end of the night I left with a new-found fondness and respect for the Band.

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Set List:
Here Without You
Duck and Run
The Broken
Let Me Go
Away From the Sun
It’s Not My Time
The Road I’m On
Do It In The Dark
Time of My Life
Behind Those Eyes
Be Like That(American Pie Edit)
Danko(Still Alive)
Better Life
Landing in London

When I’m Gone



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