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5 Questions with The Black Sheep’s Ink

5 Questions with The Black Sheep’s Ink           

By Monica Barber

Photo Credit: Philip Johnson


Standing out from the ordinary definitely gets the attention of others, which is something that The Black Sheep’s Ink has transformed into an asset. Kristy Moore and Patrick Barr met many years ago and have been working together ever since. Both strong personalities with backgrounds in art they may not necessarily always create in the same style, but they do think as one unit.

Photo Credit: Philip Johnson

Though based in Modesto they have exhibited their artwork, which ranges from sculpture, canvases, sketchwork, graphics and clothing works, throughout Northern California. The interest they draw outside of the area may explain why they’ve chosen to try to reign in their appeal and spread the love locally by teaching art classes and reaching out to local artists and musicians through hosting their own monthly art market, The Black Heart’s Market every first Friday at the Queen Bean coffee house from 6-10pm. While preparing for the upcoming market on July 7th The Black Sheep’s Ink took a moment to talk with ModestoView.





MV: Tell us about yourself?

BSI: The Black Sheep’s Ink stems from the fact that that we don’t fit into a mold, we are misfits, nerds and underdogs, the black sheep.


MV: What inspires or drives your work?

BSI-Kristy: My emotions drive my art work; it’s the only way I know how to process my emotions and difficulties in life. It frees me of the negative and lets me revel in positive.

BSI-Patrick: No idea, it’s like breathing…I just do it [create]


MV: What does it mean to be working as an artists? 

BSI-Kristy: To be working and getting paid as an artist is awesome! I love my job so much, whether it be teaching or selling my own work. My work life is amazing. It can be a struggle sometimes but it’s worth it to be doing something you love.

BSI-Patrick: I love it and feel it’s important. We teach art and make art and I feel like an Ambassador of Art. We can be someone’s introduction to the world of art and I want it to be a positive one.


MV: What keeps you motivated to push the boundaries of your art?

BSI-Kristy: This world always challenges me; right now I am inspired by the way people are sticking up for themselves and their beliefs.

BSI-Patrick: My motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of my art: Art skills are like collecting tools, the more you learn the more tools you have in your tool box. I want as many tools as I can get. Pushing my abilities is more important to me than the artwork itself.


MV: Who would you love to collaborate with? Why?  

BSI-Kristy: Would have loved to been mentored by my late great favorites.

BSI-Patrick: The Foo Fighters. I want to work with Dave Grohl and make a comic about the band traveling around the country solving mysteries and stuff like that. Kind of a Scooby Doo type of thing with Taylor always trying to sneak off and nap or Pat Smear being afraid of spiders all the time with Dave leading them in solving these mysteries. I haven’t come up with a decent mascot for them yet (like a talking monkey or a drum playing rabbit) but once I do, I’m gonna pitch it to them…I think they would go for it.



Thank you, The Black Sheep Ink! You can catch up with them on July 7, 2017 at The Black Heart’s Market at The Queen Bean and online.


Insta: theblacksheepsink
Twitter: BlackSheepsInk




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