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By Leia Johnson

I hope that you’ve been staying active during your first month of summer! My goal is to stay healthy and fit this month. This July I am going to spend a lot of time getting back into shape for the upcoming school year. You can go down to Dry Creek to play tennis, Frisbee Golf, and bike on the trail. It’s dog friendly and jogger friendly. You can also pack a picnic and sit in the eating areas. You can play tennis at most of the high schools in town. Downey, Johansen, and MJC are my favorite places to play.

I have so many memories splashing around with my sister. The Virginia Corridor Trail is a 4.2 mile trail that starts at College Avenue and Needham. It is a well maintained great place to bike, walk, push a stroller, and a wonderful place for a tricycle. There are many parks and places to stop at through your walk. You can also practice your track and field at high school tracks. You can also go skateboard at the Beyer High School skatepark. If you are in the mood to stay healthy you should go to Loretelli Farms. It is a very nice fruit stand on Claratina Avenue. There is corn, fruits, vegetables, honey and my family’s favorite, the pies. You can shuck your own corn and onions.

Don’t forget your Frisbees or your healthy snacks. Have a great month Modesto.



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