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By Leia Johnson

I hope your last month was filled with amazing adventures, and if it wasn’t I have some plans for you! I had the opportunity to fly an airplane over Oakland and San Francisco with the help of a trained copilot. It was definitely one of the coolest experiences of my life and I crossed it off my bucket list too! Out of Hayward California you learn how to fly and control the plane in a simulator and then the real deal. The flight was filled with breathtaking views and lots of learning. Go to for more information. It may sound expensive, however it’s cheaper than you think.

I know that saving money is important too. Here is something we do in our family so we can afford awesome experiences. I went thrift shopping over my Spring Break. Now I have a ton of unique clothes all for really cheap. The Hope Chest is now one of my favorite places to go to, they have two locations on McHenry. Not only do these stores have clothes, but music, mugs, lamps, and basically everything you would want! My family even found a Beatles record that we didn’t have. I’ve gone thrifting with my friends and family and we always bond while on a scavenger hunt for the coolest outfit. The other neat thing about many of these thrift stores is that they raise money to support great causes in the community. The Hope Chest is for Hospice, Endless Possibilities contributes to the Society for the Handicap, and so on. Whether you’re in the sky or in a thrift store, I hope to see you around soon!



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