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Football season is finally here and everyone’s getting excited! I’m looking forward to my third year of cheering for the Central Saints. The Saints are a Pop Warner football and cheer league in the Tri Valley Youth Football League or TVYFL. Being a member of Saints Cheer means we learn and do a lot of different things that are important in life. We work out and stay fit. We work to stay positive and spirited all the time. A couple of weeks ago we went to JAMZ camp. There, we learned new dances and how to stunt! In cheer, it’s always fun to spend multiple years with the same people and group but we also get to make so many new friends too! This will be my last year cheering for the saints before high school and I look forward to working with the younger cheerleaders just as others did for me when I was new. I will be sad to go but I am happy that others will get to go through the same experience as I did. Of course, my favorite part is the cheerleading! And why are we there? The football players, of course! And they work really hard too! They practice rain or shine and it pays off. The Central Saints Varsity team was undefeated last year and won the TVYFL Super Bowl!

So, now that it’s FINALLY time for football and fall school sports, it is your turn to cheer. If your family member, neighbor, friend or anyone you know plays football or plays any other sport, go out and cheer them on! I can say from experience that it’s such great feeling having people in the stands for you! Since it is waterpolo season, you can cheer from the pool deck. The highschool football games are serious fun for teens all over the area and there are games on Thursday and Friday nights most every week. The local cross country teams run at legion park and you can go cheer for them as they run. You can also cheer for your local musicians! Queen Bean, P. Wexford’s, Hero’s and Barking Dog are all ages places where our awesome local musicians play. Barkin’ Dog regularly hosts youth bands All of these things make Modesto a great place to cheer for!



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