ArtView – February 2014

Art View By Jim Christiansen

Last month I spent Art Walk with Jennifer and Modesto View’s Chris Murphy, starting at Crow Trading viewing Julie Hawk and Joshua Danner’s great collaborative collages. At the door, I ran into artist Nadine Barrett showing at Designz on 15th, with a sample of carrot cake from a gallery down the way. Chris got himself some Chinese Food Boxes from Crow Trading, perfect to store his 45 records, and only a slight delay from our trek to Concetta for Campari Spritzes. There, we hooked up with photographer George Osner. Moving on to Barkin’ Dog, we enjoyed the Art Walk edition of Dave Dow’s regular Thursday Jam, and helped Debbie Fredrickson add a sold sign to her son in laws photos on display at BDG. Chris is one of the artists in the back hallway sketch gallery, and we hope to add another set soon, when I bring the shared sketch paper and sharpies.

Many of you readers know I draw sketches of the bars, music events, musicians and friends around town. That started back at the Barn Coffee House in Riverside, but really kicked into high gear when I started hanging out in the bistros and venues in Modesto. The frogs I drew in my UC Riverside comic strip, perfectly adaptable to Tree Frog Tavern. Other characters populated bar napkins at Tiki, The Vintage, Bookey’s, Mallard’s, and even the Satin Dolls topless club out on Kiernan.

In December, some of my friends who owned or were in pieces of my art, passed on. Janice, who I drew on napkins at the Vintage; Wendell White, who played in bands I sketched all over the place and at Tees to Please printed some of my designs; and Peter Mah of Minnies. Pete posted my napkins, and later my first permanent art show collection anywhere in Modesto, in the upstairs bar alongside the collectible art of Stockton born artist Burke Tyree. I miss them all, and just note they all had an influence on my art produced here in Modesto. Talking over a cocktail with sharpie and napkin in hand, watching the band as they played, and sharing the finished drawings with bar owner after the sets were done at last call. Cheers to all. If nothing else survives of my art when I’m gone, the recording of these fun times around town would be worthy.

A new collector of my concert sketch art in Austria, is singer/songwriter/storyteller, Christene LaDoux, who was visiting her MAMA Award roots with family in an acoustic set in the Allsup’s back yard where she was drawn in action around the fire. While she might be considering it for a cd cover, Jamie Dubberly announced that my “Jazz Squared” oil painting is going to be the cover of Orquestra Dharma’s new album, “La Clave de la Gumbo”. I’m also a kickstarter backer for that project and you should check it out too.

I added the new Mark Holden “Lizards and Frogs” coloring book to my collection at last month’s Acoustic Rock Society Art and Music event . Mark has more copies for sale. In other news, Monica Gunderson painted new murals at the Patterson Skateboard Park. Check around with local artists for those Valentine’s gifts. I gave Randy Crimmel ceramics to family for Christmas, purchased at Mistlin Gallery. You can find more of Randy’s work at Chartreuse Muse.

Purchase Award Winners for Stanislaus Artist Open studio are: Jack Morris, oil on wood panel- “Muse Lot” Elizabeth Ingebretsen, unframed watercolor- “Yes, We are happy Cows” Barbara Gill, ink- “Sunflower and Caterpillar.” Lorainne Nilson, photo scan- “Chinese Lanterns” Tom Donalson, mixed media- “Landscape serving tray.” These original pieces of art, were purchased by the Open Studio steering committee, and will be given away by drawing during April’s Stanislaus Artists Open Studio Tour. Maps will go on sale March 1. Map booklets are $10, students 18 and under, free when attending with a map holder. Open Studio weekend is April 12 and 13. Mistlin Gallery reopened January 21 with the new lighter color décor, and the “Art in the Family” show. New class schedules now available with the Central California Art Association, and over at the Chartreuse Muse. Third Thursday Art Walk resumes this month, February 20. Pick up a map.<> Check out Designz on 15th Street as a featured Art Walk spot, along with Crow Trading and the rest of the Art Walk venue map.



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Jim Christiansen, award winning watercolor artist, cartoonist and member of many art groups moved to Modesto in 1977. Born in Riverside, California, and attended University of California, Riverside. Jim often shows around Modesto, does a poster or two, and has been host of the art walk events at State Theatre and Jax on H. Jim has been writing the art notes column several years for Modesto View.