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by Earl Matthews

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all had a great time.

I am really excited about all the new things going on in local music this year and one of the things that has me the most fired up is, drum roll please… The State Theatre is going to be embracing local music like never before.

It all starts on Feb 9th with a Local Artist Night featuring House Of Orange, The Pine Box Boys and the Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit. This is just the tip of the iceberg folks, expect to see many more of your favorite local acts playing the State over the next year.

In the Blues world this month I have a couple of bands coming through Modesto from Southern California. On the 9th of Jan at the Barkin Dog, The Deltaz from L.A. will be playing with ELi Goodtimes and the Oldtimers, as well as Nathan Ignacio and the Ramblers. A little later in the month on the 19th at T’s, I have Black Market III from San Diego.

Black Market III is an international touring band that is not to be missed. There is no cover charge for this show and I can say with confidence that this will be the last time you will get a chance to see these guys for free.

As for my bands, BEatCS will be playing the Cow Track Lounge on the 26th, Poorhouse Millionaires will be playing at the Grizzly Rock Cafe on the 18th and you can always come see us at Deva Cafe on Sunday Mornings for Breakfast with the Millionaires from 10am to noon.

In Ramble news, we are coming back from winter break on Jan 17th. January bands include Boscoe’s Brood, Whitey Slim, Juno’s Circus, Broken Injun, Jeff Moore Band, CISUM, Boy Girl Boy, James Lawry and Rob Hill.

If you are a musician looking for a place to try out new songs, check out the Cow Track Lounge open mic. It’s an acoustic jam, sorry no drums, that happens every Wednesday night, starting at 9:30pm. It’s always fun to see the great local players who stop through.

As always, I look forward to seeing you out and about at one of the many local music events happening every week in the Modesto area.



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