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Dry Creek Revisited

Although the brisk weather may have you peering out the window, clutching your favorite coffee mug, and wrapped inside the Snuggie you said you would never wear, Modesto offers a range of outdoor activities capable of warming the winter cold. So, give your heater a rest and embrace the outdoors as a second home.

A great place to start exploring is Dry Creek Trail, running parallel to Scenic Dr between Clause Rd and downtown Modesto. As its name suggests, the trail is nestled along the banks of Modesto’s Dry Creek. The trail, offering tranquil views of the stream below, meanders six miles through a succession of neighborhood parks that provide a range of facilities and recreational activities. The trails western end is densely lined with Eucalyptus trees and the eastern end is characterized by native oaks and natural scenery. For the ornithologist within, our feathered friends can be seen along the creek or taking refuge in their arboreal homes above. In winter, the natural environment enfolding the trail plays host to various migrating birds evading colder temperatures up north, perhaps on their way to the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge. Ground and tree squirrels may be seen feeding on the abundance of acorns peppering the land adjacent to the trail.

At the trails middle point lies Dry Creek Regional Park. Visitors to this section of the trail may enjoy tennis courts, children play areas, picnic areas, and a free-of-charge (bring your own disk) eighteen-hole disk golf course. Disk golf (aka Frisbee golf) is a game in which individual players throw a flying disc into free-standing baskets. The object of the game is to navigate the course in the fewest possible number of throws. The Modesto Area Disc Golfers club is dedicated to the maintenance of the course year-round, ensuring itsplayability to locals and visitors, beginners and experts. Not interested, just lace-up your walking or running shoes, put on your roller blades, or hop on your bicycle and join fellow park visitors traversing the trail. At nightfall, the trail closes. Fortunate for you, home is a short trip away.



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