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Enlighten the Fashion Senses

Enlighten the Fashion Senses

By: Shasta Boss

Spring’s blossoms have opened with a medley of color. Now it’s time for the Summer to heat us up with more colors, fragrant flowers, outdoor activities, and extra special occasions. Summer is known for thrilling events like weddings, prom, and graduation so we deserve to create the most incredible fashionable memories.

Imagine running through an endless field of enchantingly colorful wildflowers. The magnificent fragrances inspiring serenity, happiness, and greatness. Although there are wildflower fields close to us here in the valley, some of us enjoy a quick stop to the flower market to bring the enlightening scents and beautiful blooms back home with us. Keeping fresh flowers or plants around has been proven to enhance your mood, energy, and motivation.

Country Shelf Floral in Orangeberg Square has been supplying the area with unique floral arrangements, the freshest cuts of flowers, reasonable prices, and more for over several years. Pat, the owner, and her floral designers display their unique talents by combining stems, custom color matching, and adding a hint of unique flair into their flower creations to construct a one of a kind masterpiece. They were able to make a corsage that matched a prom dress exactly by transforming white orchids into a beautiful violet shade by mixing hues of rich pinks and purples with bright blues. Even the tiniest little hint of a rhinestone, orange or purple dragonfly, or small jewel design can be added to any arrangement to make it a one of a kind personalized creation. My absolute favorites here are the fresh flower designs that are combined with trendy jewelry pieces to make the most outstanding and elegant fashion statement that will definitely be remembered and envied by all. Country Shelf offers their incredible unique services for all occasions and flower needs here in the Modesto area.

With summer here more of us like to start redecorating or designing new household projects. Are you feeling crafty or have a special party coming up? For those of you that are inspired to design your own creations should definitely check out Simi Floral Supply on the corner of McHenry and Bangs Avenue. They supply a lot more than just artificial flowers and floral supplies, they carry a huge assortment of ribbons, party supplies for all occasions and holidays, wedding decorations and memorabilia, crafts, and much more. The staff is very friendly and willing to share brief tutorials on how to construct various projects like layered bows for hair clips or dresses, artificial flower crowns, bouquets, and more. The area in the back holds unique tree branches, baskets, and more to decorate with an all natural inspired style. Craft enthusiasts, interior designers, and soon to be brides can literally run wild through this warehouse and fill their carts full of craft and party goods. This supply store is a great place to find those unique items to add the finishing touches on a renovated or new living space or just to add some new flavor back into your home or office. 

Looking for more specific type of plants for your garden? The Scenic Nursery, located on Scenic and Coffee, has a huge assortment of plants, roses, trees, ground covering, and vegetables along with all the fertilizer, soil, and supplies that you will need to plant the perfect landscape. The small children’s garden is fun for the kids to play, plant, and sample some blackberries, blueberries, herbs, and more. The garden experts are happy to help with any questions and plan out a garden that will be perfect for your specific needs and sun exposure.



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