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FitView – A, B, C, or Maybe D?

By Efren Martinez

A, B, C, or Maybe D?
The rules are still the same but the definitions in group cycling speed categories seem to have jumped to warp speed. If you’re a cyclist then you’re familiar with the different group ride divisions; A, B, C & D. “A” division would be for the fastest pace group rides and “D” group rides would be a much slower pace. Let me scoot back a bit, a few years ago when I started group rides, “A” group rides were for cyclists able to hold speeds between 17-19mph and if you hit a speed of 25+mph it would be something to celebrate. Since then, many of our local riders have gotten amazingly fast. Today it’s not unusual for an “A” group ride to hold speeds that range between 21-25mph and if you are riding on the flats with the “A” group, you better have had your breakfast of champions because your paceline can roll as fast as 26+mph.

Please don’t let this discourage you if you’re thinking of getting into the sport of cycling. Mile per mile, bicycling will give you some of the kindest benefits to your body with little to no impact on your joints. Just recently, I met up with the store manager at The Oakdale Bicycle Shop, Ed Battisfore, to help me explain the different categories and cycling lingo so that you may best choose any one of the group rides that are being offered by his bike shop and/or The Stanislaus County Bicycle Club.

D Beginner Ride: A ride designed with very short routes, usually uses short loops for a route that can be shortened and lengthened as needed. Beginner ride speeds tend to be determined entirely by the abilities of the slowest rider. Beginner rides should teach the proper etiquette to those interested in joining group rides. C: Indicates a ride no shorter than 20 miles with no more than 1000 feet of elevation gain. An average speed for a “C” level ride is 15 mph. This is including stops and breaks. “C” level rides can be “drop” or “no-drop” rides. B: Indicates a ride no shorter than 20 miles with no more than 3000 feet of elevation gain. An average speed for a “B” level ride is 17 mph. This is including all stops and breaks. “B” Level rides can be “drop” or “no-drop” rides. A: Indicates a ride no shorter than 20 miles with no limit on elevation gain. An average speed for an “A” level ride is 20 mph. This is including all stops and breaks. “A” Level rides can be “drop” or “no-drop” rides.

Drop Ride: This means that at any point in the ride, if you break apart from the group, you are on your own. The group will not be stopping and re-grouping at any point throughout the ride.
No-Drop Ride: Not to be confused with “Social”! This indicates that periodically there will be re-groups where the riders will wait for those who have fallen behind. Once the last rider has shown up the group moves on. If the rider at the tail is keeping the group from achieving their posted level of speed (A, B, C, etc.), it is possible for the ride leader to excuse the individual from the ride. It is the rider’s responsibility to ride according to the posted level.

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