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FitView A, B, or C Running Club

A, B, or C Running Club

by Efren Martinez

abc-fitness-running-club-1 abc-fitness-running-club

With more than a few choices of running clubs out there it can be a bit difficult to chose the right fit for you. There is (A) The ShadowChase running club, which is not only the biggest running club, but also the most competitive club out there with some of the fastest runners in our area as members. The ShadowChasers also have timing services and produce a great deal of their own races. Then you have (B) The Dusty Bottoms Trail runners. If you like to run, love beer and care less about speed training, this running club is definitely for you. The Dusty Bottom trail runners are a down to earth and energetic group of runners. They don’t do any kind of timing services for races nor do they produce them. Instead they sport weekly fun runs that always end up with a few social beers in both hands. As you can imagine they definitely have a great deal of fun with their weekly runs that always include laughter and comradery.  If large clubs and/or drinking beer after your run isn’t for you, I suggest you check out option (C), The ABC Fitness running club. With about 454 facebook likes they are quickly moving to the top when it comes to running clubs. The club embraces each other for their common love of running. Just recently I spoke with my friend Jennifer Neal, to give me the scoop on what the club is all about. Jennifer said, “We average a very small group of about 4-5 people on our weekly runs. We like to also refer to our group as the Sunrise Run Club. We run at 5 am every Tuesday and Thursday, so a majority of the time we see the sunrise. Most of the runners start off just wanting to run local 5Ks. After they see their potential, they go on to do 10Ks, half marathons and marathons. We even tackled the Ragar Trail Run in Lake Tahoe this year. We love to push our comfort zone, try new running events and have a good time.”  Awesome! As your fitness editor, this sounds like it could be a nice fit for some, it brings and co-insights a little from both of the above (A & B) running clubs.  No matter your preference of club, it is great to get the support and involvement of others. Perhaps it’s just me, but what got my attention of The ABC Fitness running club was the one word in its name, “Fitness.”

For more information on The ABC Fitness running club, please follow the link below.

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