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FitView- Aged By Weather

By Efren Martinez
Aged By Weather Defined By Fitness

Within the last 5 years I’ve watched my body and skin age faster than in any normal time span. It has all to do with my outdoor endurance training and competitions. My continued exposure to the wind, rain, cold, chlorinated water and especially the sun have added years to my appearance and I’m now starting to notice that I’m getting that leather type of sun skin tone. It’s been between all that and a few broken bones and more fitness injuries than I can count with training so much over the last 10 years; some may think, so is it really worth it? My reply, you bet your sweet Astronauts it is.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my wife happy; OK with that happily said, nothing makes me happier than seeing my wife happy as well as me being able to swim, bike and run outdoors. Sure I belong to one of the most coolest gyms in Modesto and I also have a gym in my home that would include loads of free weights, a treadmill, an elliptical, and a spin bike as well as a mirror ball on the ceiling of my gym to give me an effect that I’m actually going somewhere while I spin on my spin-bike. Still for me it doesn’t compare to training outside. In fact some of my best training secessions are generally done outside.

Over the last year I have had to really rethink this whole outside training thing. The sun’s UV rays can be very dangerous and although melanoma can be treatable, it still can kill you. This is why I’m encouraging all of us who either train outdoors or for that matter have to work outdoors to make sure you are protected from all the harmful elements that come along with natures beauty. Here are a few suggestions to help you minimize those harmful outdoor elements that could be harming and aging you.

If you enjoy running or cycling, try to get it done at the crack of dawn and don’t forget the mosquito repellent along with the sunscreen. Apply your sunscreen 20 minutes prior to your sun exposure, it takes at least 20 minutes for your sunscreen to really get into your skin thus this will give you the best sun block protection. Wearing sunglasses, a visor and a long sleeve running/biking jersey will also help minimize your skin exposure to your arms. Staying well hydrated daily will not only will help you with your fitness challenges, but it also helps with your skin/complexion. If you train as hard as I do make sure to wash your face as much as you wash your hands per day. Taking care of ourselves goes beyond exercising and eating right, we must also include that we are caring for our skin and hygiene.

On a personal note, my evening bedtime hygiene ritual generally takes about 10 minutes, but that’s also why I’m so gorgeous, well at least my wife thinks so. All kidding aside, I love training and competing outdoors, triathlons preferably. While we all strive to better our fitness challenges we shouldn’t forget about fallowing Gods lead in caring for our bodies as a whole, or for myself as it is a temple of Christ.




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