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An Inspirational Fit
By Efren Martinez

Erica Hughes is the founder and co-owner of Get Fit Inspirational Studio. She’s been in fitness for 16 years. She began the journey alone as the lone business owner but recently took on two incredible partners in July of 2014, Tara and Jonathan Crenshaw. Collectively, Erica and her partners have taken the local fitness scene to a new level.

I’ve been friends with Erica for some time now and I’ve always been impressed by her determination despite the struggles from her past. Erica is an inspiration. She is a single mother to her son Kai, she co-owns and runs a business and still finds the time to get her own fitness in. She is a textbook example of how to get life done in a positive way with no excuses, using her Christian faith. I’ve come across her path at some of the local runs, triathlons and fitness events, and can say she’s amazing and equally impressive in her competitions. Some might think Erica has always been fit and trim, but no she wasn’t always into living a healthy lifestyle and she struggled very much like most of us in our adolescent years. Erica shared with me: “Growing up, health and wellness hardly made it on my radar.

Following a few traumatic events in my early adolescence, I developed addictions to drugs and alcohol. I always felt like such a dichotomy because internally I was deeply struggling but I still played sports and maintained very good grades. I battled so much fear and shame but through my pain I saw people I wanted desperately to help. People that were hurting. I never would have imagined that fitness would have served as the vehicle for me to reach those in need. I turned my life around at 17 and moved from my home town in Colorado to go to college in California. I had never been a gym member or worked out at a gym more than a handful of times, but I received a $15/month LA Fitness membership opportunity through my new student checking account. I look back and can’t believe they let me become a personal trainer with my two-day certification and no experience, but I thank God that they gave me a chance because that was the beginning of something powerfully beautiful for me. I had a real opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, and 16 years later I still thank God every day for the gift of getting to meet people wherever they are at in their lives, and come alongside them to help them reach new heights.”

Friends, Erica and I have so much in common. In fact many of you out there might find a little bit of Erica’s past in yourselves. Regardless, she is a breath of fresh air and she gives us all hope of how we can change our lives if we want to, through hard work, faith and living a healthy lifestyle.

“I have made nearly every mistake possible. I have taken most steps afraid, but I have taken them anyway. I have hit rock bottoms that I was not sure I could recover from and here is what I know today. DO NOT GIVE UP! Get a vision of a version of yourself that you love. What is that person doing? Think about it, and get as dialed in with it as soon as possible. Then don’t let go of that vision. I am positive that God exists and that He is helping us. You are not alone and you can reach any place that you can see.”
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