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FitView – Leave Your Fears at the Seashore

By Efren martinez

Leave your fears at the seashore

The benefits of open-water swimming are many if you can just get past the fear that goes along with it. Swimming at your local gym’s pool is much safer after all, you’re in a heated pool with a lifeguard on hand. In fact, the biggest danger you might encounter there is a child’s “Baby Ruth” floating by you during your swim.

As a Tri-Athlete the best swimming conditions are in the ocean or a lake. I prefer the ocean by far, but it can be dangerous. In the ocean you may share the water with more then just a few jet skies and boats, you share it with a vast amount of sea creatures that can bite, sting or even eat you. Within the last 8 years, I’ve traveled to many beaches for some of this great open-water training. One of the most dangerous bodies of water is the San Francisco Bay. Although not very publicized, it is a nursery for sharks including Great Whites. But no worries, they generally only feed on crabs and fish until they get to be around 6 feet in length, at which time they make their way out to the open ocean.

Just recently I made my way to Cabo for my annual swim across the Sea of Cortez to Lands End. While I was there I did manage to avoid getting eaten by a sea creature, but could not avoid being stung. By now, I know it’s what I can expect when I train there. The stings mostly came from Jellyfish, and I’m also guessing Pufferfish. When you get stung you will definitely feel it, as it is equivalent to being stung by a wasp. But they just don’t sting you once, they sting you multiple times. Regardless, I’ve become immune to the sting over the years and my biggest advice is that you don’t panic and just keep swimming. The benefits of open-water training for me personally outweighs the dangers.

In the ocean, I find I’m much faster than in the pool or lake. The sea’s saltwater keeps me more buoyant than a pool, where my body sinks like a rock. The other benefits of swimming in the ocean are that you continuously have to fight the chilly choppy ocean currents, as well as the thought that at any given time a sea creature can bite, sting or eat you, both are quite motivating factors. By now you’re probably wondering with so many dangers, why do I enjoy it so much? Perhaps it’s just the way I and many other Tri-Athletes are wired. Despite having so many sea creatures come upon me over the years, such as Humpbacks, Giant Squids and Orcas; I find it less of a danger than training on my road bike. This open-water conditioning is vital for any type of competition that requires you to leave your fears at the shore.

If you are not mentally ready, your own uncertainties may get the best of you and take you down to Davy Jones Locker.

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