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FitView – Stay Cool

By Efren Martinez

It is hot this time of year and sometimes, the best work out may be right at home. Here is how I turned a room at my house into a place to train.

What you’re looking at is not a performing Arts stage, but one of the most important rooms in my home. Behind these curtains is my home gym equipped with every need to help keep the doctor away and keep cool. Not sure how or even why it played out in our society that for some reason we think we need two rooms to eat food in. OK, I get it. The formal dinning room is a nice room to gather for family holidays. But if you grew up like I did, we only used the formal dinning room at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Seriously! Talk about unused valuable space in my mind for the other 363 days of the year. Perhaps I’m not alone, I’m thinking this formal dinning room thing should have died out with the thought of getting dressed for dinner. I mean; when was the last time you got dressed in a button down shirt and tie to have dinner in your home. These days I’m thinking just having the family together at dinner time is more important than what room we eat in. Well’ that’s me and I’ve always been one to think outside of the box. This is why I turned my formal dinning room into a state of the art gym. For me it was an easy decision. I mean everyday I’d go to the gym, had a hard time finding a parking spot, had to take a number for my fitness machines and spend more time prepping to go to the gym than I wanted to and those runs and outdoor can be tough on this triple digit heat. Heck, by the time I prepped my gear, food and found a parking spot at the gym and the temp gets to 100, I could have already ran 8 miles. With that being said, I am now enjoying the comforts of my own home gym in a room that is used basically everyday verses twice a year when it was a formal dinning room.

Make no mistake, being a DJ in fitness and one who takes his health seriously, I spared no expense converting my home gym to a regular studio entertaining exercise calorie disco inferno. On the wall if front of my treadmill, spin bike & elliptical machine I have a 55 inch 3D TV connected to a sound system and Serato DJ software. To keep cool, I have a 74 inch fan and a high powered floor fan I can place in front of any fitness machine. For the visual and for a little bit of fun, I installed 18 black lights, 2 laser lights, a mirror ball with 2 pin spots to help me along with the illusion that I’m traveling through time while in one place. So friends, I save time, stay cool and keep in my fitness groove throughout the summer. Your may not create a space like this, but you get the idea on how you can do it too.

Keep your eyes tuned here to your Modesto View Magazine, within the next few months I’ll be sharing more of what kind of workouts I’m doing daily in the comfort of my own home.



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