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I met Andrea Zahra a few years back at a Fun Sports bike charity ride. I was very impressed by the lady, after all she’s married to my good friend Brian who’s a fellow cyclist enthusiast. That being said, I wasn’t really sure what she did for a living; well outside of being a super mom and great wife to my buddy.

One day while I was getting my swim laps in at the club, I noticed her come out of a fitness class and I asked her if she had just taken a class? Her reply was, no I just finished instructing one, Zumba! So there she was, all of that and a Zumba instructor too. Sure, Zumba it’s a form of fitness that’s geared more for women right? Clearly I was wrong, Andrea shared with me that Zumba not is not only popular with ladies, but she also has a popular fallowing with the men. Men? Apparently Andrea gave a perspective that I wasn’t ready for. She informed me that Zumba will not only give you a great workout, but it can also help you gain some cool dance moves. According to her, women love a man who can dance! WOW Move over Magic Mike, here comes Efren.

Andrea’s been a Zumba instructor for a little over a year and has come a long way since she took her first Zumba class with her twin sister. Back then, she was a bit nervous and like many of us, she hung out in that back row of the fitness class. Andrea shared with me that she loves to dance and it didn’t take her to long to learn the routines and instantly fell in love with Zumba. It fact, she credits those lost 10lbs that’s she always had trouble losing to Zumba. I asked her, what’s the best part about being a Zumba instructor? Her happy reply, “It’s the weight loss stories.” She also enjoys seeing so many in her class having fun and making new friends. What really makes her dance a jig is when people tell her they had to buy smaller fitting clothes because of Zumba. Hold up! Let me take 2 steps back, at this point I’m forgetting the kids/family aspect of it. Like all parents, she wants her kids to be healthy and have a positive self image of themselves. In fact, even before she was a Zumba instructor her family lived a very active lifestyle that includes riding their bikes, dancing, gymnastics, and taking a family walks. Now that’s Zumbalicious.

If you would like to find out more about Zumba, check with your fitness center. Andrea teaches Zumba at The Brenda Athletic Club in Modesto. Class times are Wednesdays at 9:00am and a Kids Dance class on Wednesdays at 4:15pm.

Andrea’s Modesto View Fitness Message. Life gets really busy with work, kids, school, etc. Many times we are too tired to squeeze in time to go to the gym. Whether it’s, taking your dog on a walk, playing soccer with the kids, or turning on some music and dancing with the broom while you clean your house, get moving! Make that time for yourself because you deserve it! You will feel great after you have worked up a good sweat!! If you have not tried Zumba yet, do it! Every gym offers a Zumba class, check the schedule and make time to attend. There are even Zumba video games and DVD’s available.

Fitness Tip Studies have shown that when athletes consume carbohydrate and protein soon after completing a workout, their muscles are repaired and refueled faster, and they perform better in their next workout.

Fitness Event for December. Modesto’s Spirit of Giving 5K Run/Walk on December 14th



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