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FitView: Passing The Baton

Passing The Baton
By Efren Martinez

On September 19th I had the pleasure in not only being the DJ and Entertainer for the final Memorial Medical Center’s Cancer Awareness Run & Ride; but also to run this race for the last time.

Or maybe not? On that day and many days after that the same question was asked in regards to. “who will keep this one of kind Fitness Event going?” The answer was and is still the same, no one. This is why I’ve decided to help plant the idea seed here to the folks from my own fitness clubs such as The Stanislaus County Bicycle Club and The Shadow Chase Running Club, along with the 3 biggest bicycle shops in our area. I realize that coming together to work on one project can be challenging, but I’d like to invite these businesses to give this idea some thought.The benefits of keeping this event going are huge, not only from a fitness and business point of view but more importantly from a healthy community and charitable view. I mean, why not?

This run and ride event has already been established for 10 years thanks to the good folks at Memorial Medical Center. People will come! Sure it could be the same, but also different with the proceeds to help benefit our local food banks. Just like cancer, hunger doesn’t discriminate. This could mean helping to stock up our local food banks with food and recourses from a September Run and Ride just in time for the upcoming holiday season. Below are a few statistics provided by our friends from Memorial Medical Center. Friends, let’s come together on this so we can continue to keep such positive, healthy lifestyle Events like this in our great city of Modesto.

Below are some overall Cancer Awareness Run & Ride event totals which include the 2015 event:
Since 2004: 4,496 runners and walkers have crossed our finish line.
Since 2006: 5,599 cyclists have ridden one of our routes. The Ride hit an all-time high in 2012 with over 900 cyclists making this the largest ride in the Central Valley.
Approximately 400 children have participated in the popular Kids Fun Run.

Growth of the Run:

First event in 2004: there were 208 registered participants and this year (2015) there were 651.

Growth of the Ride:

First Ride in 2006, there were 173 registered participants and this year (2015) there were 802.

If you are interested in getting involved, please message Efren at ModestoView at<> or message us on FB at Thank you



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I answered the call back in 1983; mixing Music and Entertainment with an eccentric European style has always come easy for me. In the early 80's I was the Disc Jockey for most of the high school dances in Modesto. In the late 80's I found myself in Hollywood working as a dancer and sound engineer for various professional recording industries. In 1990 my wife of 25 years and I started (The Quake Mobile DJ ®) which was seeded from San Francisco's 1985, The Quake, radio station that only lasted a short while on the air. 26 years later The Quake Mobile DJ is bigger & better than ever in the Entertainment industry. Real-Estate, photojournalism, event promoter, saving animals, travel and fitness are a few other of my interests. I also enjoy motivational speaking to children and to those who are struggling with addiction. In my life, I have always been a very direct person and once I see a goal I won't quit till I've achieved it. But out of all of the above I feel in my heart that the best inspiration in my life is my wife and my love for the faith that I practice. Phil 4:20