Interview – Cage The Elephant

InterView – Cage the Elephant

Melophobia By Efren Martinez

It was the Eve of Thanksgiving when I received a call from Matt Shultz, the lead singer from Cage The Elephant. I was looking to get some information on his up coming concert in Sacramento,

Electric Christmas; it happens on December 4th at The Sleep Train Arena. My first encounter hearing the band happened while I was sweeping out my garage listening to 94.7. The song “Come a Little Closer” by Cage The Elephant came on, and it caught my attention.

From that moment on, I started to do some research on the band and downloaded their new EP that just came out last October, (Melophobia). It’s flippen awesome! Soon after I purchased the download, I started to search the internet on Cage The Elephant. Thus, this is how I found the Electric Christmas concert in Sac town USA. Seems Cage The Elephant is one of the headlining bands for the concert. No doubt, I was all about to start channeling my Modesto View good vibes their way. Ok, truth be told, I actually made some calls and dropped a few emails to some friends in the music business. It wasn’t too long after that when the lead singer Matt Shultz from Cage The Elephant rang my phone thus, this is how I was able to bring you this Melophobia interview to your Modesto View.

I asked Matt a series of questions and my first one was why Cage The Elephant for the name of their band? I mean, it’s just different, was it a Jumanji thing or what? Well expecting some kind of deep cosmic answer, he told me that he got the bands name from a weird dream. Ok, so anyone’s weird dreams are totally off limits when it comes to my interviews, I quickly moved on to their hit song “Come a little closer.” The song like the others on their new EP had an entrancing way of just sticking to you so I asked Matt who write the lyrics to their songs? Matt shared with me it’s a collaboration of him and the whole band. One will drop a few strings, another a lyric as well as a few cords and Presto Magico! Songs like Come a little closer are magically created. If you haven’t seen the video to this song, you have got to se it. It’s a psychedelic trip. Psychedelic trip? I asked Matt if that’s what they were going for. According to him, that wasn’t the intent of it, but he guesses it just came out that way because he’s heard the psychedelic reference to their video more than once. He also shared with me that it was quite difficult shooting the video. It involved loads of symbolisms and colors with stop and go points while the art director colored in the scenes and various other directors directed the video shoot in different levels. All together Matt says it was a very cool experience to work collectively as a group putting it together.

You can check out Cage The Elephant on December 4th live in Sacramento for the Electric Christmas Concert. Details below.

Cage The Elephant new EP Melophobia is currently out and can be purchased on itunes, Amazon or any other websites/servers such as these. To get more on my Cage The Elephant interview, click on the link below and have a listen to the raw interview as it came across the phone lines.

You can see Cage The Elephant on December 4th in Sacramento for The Electric Christmas Concert at The Sleep Train Arena. The show has five bands lined up that would included; Cage The Elephant, Alt-J, Grouplove, Capital Cities, The Features, Ms Mr. Log on here for more info

Like them and check them out here Cage the Elephant her<>

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