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Mediation is For Everyone

Mediation Is For Everyone
By Claudia Newcorn
Mediation worked for the NFL…can it
work for me?
Thankfully, we’re spending time on fantasy
football, in sports bars, and snacking
on the couch every Sunday. We were THIS
close to not having any NFL games this
season. Lucky for us, a mediator pushed
the players and the owners to reach a
solution and we ended up watching the
Niners surge into first place and Raider
Nation get their mojo back. So what does
that have to do with my latest business,
personal, or property problem?
Many people and companies may not
realize that there is a faster, more costeffective,
and constructive solution to
conflicts and disputes than just going to
court…Mediation. Lawyers like mediation,
the NFL likes mediation (let’s hope by the
time you read this, the NBA does too!) and
you should like it as well. Recognizing the
growing need for the public to have direct
access to mediation resources has been
the founding principle for Pacific Media
tion Group. “Anyone involved in a dispute
will benefit from mediation,” explains David
Jamieson, Founder and Principal. “If a
lawsuit has begun, mediation can bring it
to a conclusion acceptable to all parties. If
no lawsuit is pending, mediation can lead
to speedy resolution and avoidance of the
costs and uncertainties inherent in most
“Mediation is ideal for any issues that may
require dispute resolution,” says Founder
and Mediator Debra Campbell.
“Examples include property issues,
divorce and custody, business
disputes, family conflicts,
employee-employer relationships,
and estates and trusts.” Another key
advantage of mediation is that it provides
a safe environment for parties to
gain distance from their emotions to better
deal with each other.
Professionalism and experience make the
difference in a mediator’s ability to ensure
all parties stay focused on productive avenues
for settlement. When you work with
a mediator “the result is an outcome that
allows all parties to leave the table feeling
that a productive solution has been
reached,” says Jamieson.



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