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Metal View- October 2011

Happy Rocktober!
This month Metal in the MAMA’s & The CVDM
By Mike Vanek

A few things to talk about this month. First of all I would like to announce that after 11 years of supporting metal in our area me my company 209Productions have been nominated for a MAMA award!! I have been nominated for best rock promoter and I would really appreciate it if my readers would vote for me at

Speaking of The MAMA Awards. We have our own METAL category! The powers that be in MAMA award land have chosen to grace local metal bands with their own category. After years of mixing rock and metal in one category we finally have our own category and it’s a giant step for local METAL!!!

Check out the nominees on Page.  XXX

Finally what I really wanted to talk about this month! Being October I wanted to pay attention to the more extreme side of local metal. There is one dedicated group of loyal Death Metal fans that dedicate themselves to Extreme Metal. CVDM (Central Valley Death Metal) was formed over that last few several years and was formed out of the fact that they were not happy with other Death Metal Clubs from other states and wanted one of their own to represent Death Metal in our area. When asked about it Bryan Flanagan of the club said “we weren’t happy with death metal clubs in our area claiming the east coast instead of representing where they’re from. It’s disrespectful and those clubs only do it to kiss ass. We could care less about the east coast”. With members in the cream of the crop of local Death Metal bands like The legendary Grind/Deathband The Meat S**ts (One of Modesto’s 1st metal bands and one of the 1st bands ever to use samples in their music) also represented are Decomposition, Forever Obscured, Aborticide, Decapitated Midget Fetus, Death Metal is one type of metal that is not entirely accepted is our area but these guys have held court in Ceres at The Workshop for years and I don’t see them going anywhere soon! Please support CVDM at

Once again we thank everyone for supporting local metal and encourage you to “Keep One Foot in the gutter and one foot in the gold”








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