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MetalView – A New Metal Year

209Metal VIEW
By Mike Vanek


Happy New Year head bangers!! I hope everyone had a great holiday season! So starting new is this year’s theme and there seems to be a lot of that going around! First we will start with my favorite sport, Independent Pro Wrestling. Modesto based Pro Wrestling Boshido has overwhelmingly supported our scene for years and it is time to support them. PWB has been tapped to participate in KING OF INDIES!! The King of Indies tournament founded by the late great Roland Alexander has helped launch the careers of many top wrestlers such as former WWE champ Daniel Bryan among others, and will be held on Wrestlmania weekend at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in the Bay Area. For more info go to We will be dedicating our March Issue to PWB and Wrestlmania Weekend.

In Metal News this month we start with a new band and a few names you may already know: 2014 MAMA Best Youth band winners PERFECT NIGHTMARE have been tearing up our scene! They have been playing a great number of shows including an opening slot at the famed Whiskey Ago-Go in Hollywood on the legendary Sunset Strip!! Speaking of LA, local legends DAM have been hard at work getting new material together for a new album will be heading into the studio soon. Bassist Russ Allsup promises a heavier album and we can’t wait for it. Now as I said, speaking of LA, Russ Allsup has relocated down south and has been spreading the good word of the DAM/Levee gospel passing on CDs to many influential people including Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong, Keith Morris of OFF!!, Black Flag & the Circle Jerks among others. I can not express the importance of what he is doing; getting his music to people of importance. You never know what will happen, but I have seen this work wonders for many bands. We wish our brothers of the FamDAMily the best of luck in 2015!!

Also we have sad & positive news to report before we go…Modesto heavyweights NOTHING BUT LOSERS have parted ways with Long Time bassist Dustin Oliver who will carry on with his band Divest Dreggs. Former Blastlung bassist Dave Bell will fill in for NBL in the meantime. When asked about the situation NBL vocalist Jojo Rush gave the following quote: “Dustin will be missed he was and always will be an integral part of the band. With that being said Dave Bell is an excellent bassist and will be a great fit in our band of misfits. We will be back on schedule of recording real soon.” NBL has been tearing it up as of late and we also wish them the best of luck in ‘15. Now last but certainly not least, we will leave you with this: Zombie Death Stench is also hard at work on a new album. The yet to be titled project for Turkey Vulture Records should be released sometime in 2015 and snip-its can be heard on ZDS’s Facebook page.

That’s it for me this month as always… KEEP ONE FOOT IN THE GUTTER AND ONE FIST IN THE GOLD!!!



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