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By Mike Vanek An Interview with a Loser JOJO RUSH OF NOTHING BUT LOSERS

This month I submit to my readers an interview with a true Modesto Heavy Metal Icon and one of my best friends. Jojo Rush is the frontman for Modesto’s most hated band NOTHING BUT LOSERS. You may see him down town covered in blood wearing his trademark white scrubs covered and or horror movie T-shirt and think toyourself oh my god who is that and will he kill me?? No he won’t… what people don’t know is he is a quiet and very nice guy and a father of 5 kids that he takes care of every day. Jojo and his fellow Losers have made quite the name for themselves and have played hundreds of shows here in the MO and they have sold thousands of dollars worth of tickets for promoters and clubs all overtown and are most likely the hardest working band in town. Here is a closerlook at the frontman for Modesto’s most hated band!!

MV-Congratulations on celebrating 10 years of Nothing But Losers!! How did you guys come up with the name?? JR-Well we had a list of names like Power Bomb ,All Virgin Tw*t etc, but Nothing But Losers seemed to fit the personalities of the band members.

MV-What does being in NBL for 10 years mean to you?? JR-Man it does not even feel like its been ten years. I actually had to be reminded that it had been ten years. but it’s cool to still be around and kicking. There were a lot of great bands that we had out lasted, I mean I never imagined us lasting this long its been a fun ride.

MV-What have been some challenges that NBL have encountered over the last ten years?? JR-Well, line up changes was our biggest issue for a long time. That, and people did not really warm up to us at first, but we got a solid line up and started catching on. Then the worst happened. Chuck got hit by a car and all most lost his leg it was a huge ordeal as not only was our drummer hurt but our brother was hurt really bad. It was hard to come back from and I think it would have broke most bands.

MV-What has been some highlights for you as front man for Nothing But Losers?? JR- Just getting to share my art with people and have them into it is the best. You can’t beat that. Then playing with bands I grew up on and all the cool people I’ve met. It’s a bit surreal at times.

MV-How would you compare the metal scene now compared to 10 years ago when the band started?? JR-. First of all, it’s gotten a lot more tight knit. Bands actually get along and support each other and you never saw that ten years ago, at least I didn’t.

MV-Who are your top 5 favorite local bands to play shows with?? JR- First off, I think this question sucks, so I’m not going to make a list of top five, but I will name drop bands like Levee, Zombie Death Stench, Calimed, Hang the Code, Stag, This Times Brutal, Better Left Unsaid, Warpath Assasins. Hex Pop, Shay and Nate. Well if I could, I would say every band in Modesto. This spot is loaded with talent.

MV-What advice would you give to a young band just starting out?? JR-just do it go out play in front of people put yourself out there. You will learn how to play along the way

MV- How do you come up with the lyrics and imagery for NBL?? JR-Well as most can tell, I have a huge horror influence and it comes out in the imagery, You know the whole band helps come up with ideas for costumes and what not and the lyrics can come from any where anything from a real life experiences or maybe a movie I just watched. We keep it dark because its just really in our nature. I could not see me writing about puppy’s or butterflies.

MV-What do you like doing when not working on NBL?? JR- Honestly for the most part, I take care of my family. I’ve got five kids and a wife and I’m telling you that’s a lot harder job then NBL. Other then that, I have been working on my comic books. Me and my boy Shane should be done real soon. I also do a lot of community service to help out around the town

MV-What’s coming up in the near future for Nothing But Losers?? JR- Just doing our thing, working on a record. We’ve got the ten year show planning out going to go big with this one. Lots of special guests coming on stage with us that and we have a Make A Wish deal we are doing today. We have a sixteen year old autistic kid coming to jam with us tonight he wanted to play with a real band and some one thought we are a real band so yeah we have more stuff like that coming up

That’s it for me this month!! As always keep one foot in the gutter and onefist in the gold!!



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