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Modesto Artist Profile: Mark Holden

In the spirit of ModShop and loving art, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite local artists, Mark Holden. He drew some really awesome caricatures for me last year, that hang on my living room wall for all to see. I hope you enjoy his drawings as much as I do, and getting to know why he loves art! He creates beautiful coloring books that would make excellent holiday gifts for both children and adults alike!

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Mark Holden, artist


“Nature is the first art and everything else is derivative. It is the pure possibility. Human creativity is the direct relationship to it. Originality, perfection, superiority, and achievement are all labels designed to help us rationalize, file, and celebrate what is just rearrangement of the elements to form something that seems new to us….and then it passes….quickly. Nature is constant, relevant, and changing faster than the eye can see. Art is, and always has been, about relationships.

The nature of my creative nature allows my hand, eye, and imaginative coordination to create pen and ink drawings that have a direct relationship to how I am feeling when I create them.  Those who know me know this, and by my nature I inject coffee into my characters and give them crazy, wild, and sometimes disturbing qualities. At other times, I create abstract images, caricatures of local music talent, and also caricatures of my children Ella and Max Holden.

I have paintings hanging at Deva Cafe, and have had numerous art shows there in the recent past.  I have a cool online store and run a couple of art groups on Facebook: Gallery Without Walls and Beatnik Artist’s Guild.

I am also absorbed into the sharing of art in over 200 art groups, some international.  I see art as a natural process, just as a tree knows how to grow, and a child knows how to know, so does my line flow.”

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