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NonProfitView United Cerebral Palsy Safari Dash: Life Without Limits

NonProfitView: United Cerebral Palsy Safari Dash: Life Without Limits
By Brandilyn Brown

Do you live a life without limits? Do you often think about what that means?
I met a precious group of people whose lives are dedicated to breaking limits. Can you imagine a world where disabilities didn’t stop anyone from living a rewarding, happy and productive life?

United Cerebral Palsy has had a center here for 30 years. I recently heard about them and wow, do they have a story to tell. UCP’s adult day centers in Modesto and Turlock work hard every day to create lives without limits for its members. Cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injuries, mobility injuries, autism and many other disabilities of other diagnosis can pause lives, but UCP is making sure those pauses are short. Only 20% of their members are affected by cerebral palsy; they assist anyone affected by mobility issues, regardless of the biological cause. Every day they hope to enrich the lives of their members by giving them independence–the kind you and I take for granted every day. Many of us have daily opportunities to make memories, make money, make new friends, and experience something new. Can you imagine NOT having those experiences every day?
The instructors at UCP strive to create stimulating environments to benefit members and encourage them to try something new. Aside from the day center, they have a program called Expanding Horizons, which is devoted to doing just that by integrating something new directly into their lives. Field trips of various kinds bridge the gap between mundane and exciting, making every day an adventure. Recent trips include bowling, visiting parks and beaches, volunteering  efforts, going to San Francisco and taking the ferry to Alcatraz, and even camping.  UCP has partnered with Tuolumne Trails, who have adapted common outdoor camp shenanigans like hiking and swimming for anyone to enjoy, regardless of physical limitations!
Their job placement program gives their members a sense of independence and self that only comes through employment. They can place members with a job coach to assist them in fields such as janitorial, landscaping or cooking, which make them feel like productive members of society, a trait that can swell anyone with pride and confidence.

Independence, new experiences, sharing those experiences with others, a sense of self, a reliable income, an awareness of the community, and looking forward to daily life is what makes us human. If you want to help UCP in their effort to make beautiful lives, come out and participate in the Safari Dash on World CP Day, Saturday October 21st at 2001 Edgebrook Drive, East La Loma Park, 9am. The ½ mile will begin at 9:30am. All abilities are encouraged to attend. $30/$10. For more info email visit



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