Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers

Rockabilly View By Jennifer Allsup

Rockin’ Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers.

Rockabilly is fun and what is so exciting is how many great local Rockabilly bands areplaying around the area and even crazier how many greats our local bands have played with. Rockin’ Rick has been everywhere this year and will be even more places local ad around the world in 2012.

Rockin’ Rick describes himself as:

“Late 50’s “influenced” Rock’ N’ Roll, Rockabilly, Hillbilly Bop, Cat Music, Western and Rhythm and Blues with Old Cars, Booze, Record hops, Women, Smokin, Boppin’, Casinos, Guns, Cash, Jivin’,Twangy Guitars, 45s, Stand up Bass, the little guy, and a hot record spinnin’ on the Juke Box!” What more needs to be said, so start listening and get dancing.

Members of the band include: Rockin Rick – Guitar/Vocals, David Wayne- Stand-up Bass & Wise Cracks, T.J. – Lead Guitar & Hustling Steve” Slow Gin” Rummy – Slapin Skins & Stayin’ Out All Night.

They started the band in 2006.They have had the pleasure to share the stagewith other great bands such as, The Chop Tops, Jailbreak, Joe Buck, 357 String Band, Hot Rod Carl, Moonshine, Tony T. & the Pendletons, the Infamous Swanks, the Midnight Howlers, Three Bad Jacks, Pat James, Hobo,Fat City Jokers, Drivin’ Nails, the Raging Aquaholics, Gun Smoke, Johnny Casino w/ the Swindlers Mad men, ,Anni Boelyn & the Kountry Kittens, the Pea Brains, Manzanita, Miss Michelle, Sagebrush Bob & the Double Barrel Boys, Snake Oil, The Midnight Trio, No Dice, Howlers, Lonesome Bats, Ghost Story’s,Gamblers, GearBox,Suggar Daddys,the Refuzniks Rockers,Memphis Murder Men and more!

They also, have had the Great privilege to play such car & bike show events such as – The Bella Donna Beauties Presents Everyone Gets Leid 2, D- Day at the Altamont 1 & 2, D.T.M.C. Presents 2nd Annual Motorcycle camp-out, SO-Cal Invades Nor – Cal, Dave Bombers presents Night of the Living Werewolf, The Rollin’ Roulettes Presents Rock ‘N’ Roll Luau, Mike Miller Presents Rockabilly Invasion 2, Rumble Co. presents Suck, Squeeze,& Bang blowout Car & Bike show, the Summer Sultry Shindig, and the Vaudeville Road Show. Rockin’ Rick has been burnin!

Rockin’ Rick & the Rhythm Wranglers is also signed to a record label based in California called HI – HO Silver Records (which is Rockin’ Ricks label) This label deals with Rockabilly, Americana,& Western Music including these other killer acts: Pat James & the Nite Crawlers, Miss Michelle,Boraxo Jones & The Electric West, Sagebrush Bob & the Double Barrel Boys, Drivin Nails, Anni Boelyn, The Drift Alley Lobos, Little Jessie & the Pussy Hounds, The Midnight Trio,& Gearbox. Rockin’ Rick is also planning a European Tour next year to spread their swingin’ ways. You can also find Rockin’ Rick & the Rhythm Wranglers at Viva Las Vegas 15 , HI – HO Silver Records On Myspace,Youtube, & Facebook !!!!

If you are interested in doing some recording, Rockin Rick is always looking for new and upcoming artists to record. They are based out of Sonora and the Los Angeles area and do not miss the chance to see them and make our Rockabilly scene hotter and hotter.



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