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June Modesto’s Graffiti Month is under way ! But, first a brief memory of a fabulous and exquisite wedding. Mike and I attended Lauren and Tony Trevino’s wedding at the Fat Cat Music House and Lounge in May. They are the hardest working Rockabilly couple in Modesto. You may also know them, as being the owners of “Unity Music” and vocalist /guitarist of “Tony T. and the Pendletons”. We had a fabulous time. Also inattendance was the lovely Jill Ferris (local promoter) and Rockin Rick (owner of Hi-Ho Silver Records) and Sara Teter hard working street member for Unity Music. Along with many other gorgeous guests to say the least.

If there is an event you want to book, I suggest you look up the Fat Cat Music House and Lounge for your wedding, birthday, etc. The ambiance and the staff is incredible! Located at 930 11th St. downtown Modesto it is in the best location.

Speaking of Lauren and Tony Trevino, there company “Unity Music” is celebrating Modesto’s famous 50th Anniversary of Graffiti Celebrations. Unity Music Presents “Hi-Ho Silver Away” June 8th on 11th street at the Barking Dog . With 700 classic cars cruising nearby in the annual Kiwanis Car Show and parade downtown, the musical portion of the show will help flow the parade of classic cruising the downtown area. Music at Barking Dog starts at 6pm all ages and it’s FREE ! Many talents to check out from Hi-Ho Silver Records.

One of the reasons you see Unity Music and Hi-Ho Silver Records so much is their love and passion for Modesto’s true roots, as some would say, classic cars, music, entertainment, modern-vintage rockabilly, the regular graffiti patrons and our culture. Please, join Unity Music and Hi-Ho Silver Records for Modesto’s famous Graffiti celebration.

Other dates you might want to check out during the month of June. 1. June 9th/10th ~ Tony T. and the Pendletons will be performing at the 2nd Annual “Inking the Valley Tattoo Expo” in the Centre Plaza, Modesto Ca. 2. June 15th-17th ~ Reno’s Rockabilly Riot with Hellbound Hayride ! 3. June 23rd ~ Sacramento Swingtime~ Patt James and the Nite Crawlers also Jailbreak at 11am.

So whether you are in Modesto, Sacramento or Reno in the month of June, these are shows you want to check out for sure !!!

P.S. If you have a gig about to happen in the surrounding area(s) of Modesto, email me.

Smiles, Jennifer Allsup 209-214-0137



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