Rockabilly View By Chris Murphy The art of Rockabilly is amazing. More than any other kind of music, Rockabilly is a lifestyle, has it’s own art, culture, feel and pulse. More than anything else, the cars, the flames, the stand up bass, the twang and the high energy fun all has roots in Modesto. Classic cars and Graffiti cruising, the legendary custom work of Gene Winfield with the candy apple gloss chopped Mercs, the slappin’ percussion of the stand up bass of Fred Maddox bring Rockabilly home in Modesto and blend that with our airbrushed and chromed Impalas leading to a new generation. This is our music, this is our sound and if you are not yet a Rockabilly fan, you soon will be. Check out Rockabilly Row at X Fest and the Rockabilly showcases at Hero’s during August. You will love it and you have one more reason to be proud of Modesto USA. We are a classic American City.

ROCKABILLY, ROCK N ROLL, BLUES, COUNTRY, HIP HOP AND TATTOOS HAVE NO RULES TO THE ART! By Jennifer Allsup Whether you are old school music fan or a Hip-Hop fan, tattoo artists don’t discriminate! The passion for tattooing has been going strong for many centuries. “Norman Sailor Jerry” Collins was a legendary tattoo artist and his passion was for playing his saxophone when not making someone’s vision come true with a beautiful art piece on their bodies. This brings us to six creative tattoo artists in Modesto. Each tattoo artist has the same passion for being the best they can be. Izzy, Brook, Jared, Jeremy, Justin & Nick all work at Foundation Tattoo and each one has a passion for different types of musical talent. Here are three of their stories. You can read the extended profiles on and learn a lot more. David (Izzy) Irizarry Owner/Founder/Tattooer at Foundation Tattoo Parlor (FTP) I never in my wildest dreams thought I could ever make a living by doing something as fun as creating art. But now here I am writing about my thriving tattoo studio and the humble beginnings of my career as a tattoo artist. Funny how life works out sometimes! Although I’ve had no formal education in art, I feel as though I’ve been training to be a tattooer my whole life. As a child I loved drawing dinosaurs and astronauts, as a youth I would copy my favorite characters from the funny papers, and in high school I would try to emulate my favorite comic book artists. I remember studying old native tribal designs and then drawing fake tattoos with sharpies on the swim team before competitions. In hindsight, I can see now that all of these innocent exercises in my youth have helped me invaluably in becoming a better artist and tattooer. Music has always had a big influence on me, and I have a very diverse palette of things that I enjoy. My tastes are always changing, however my favorite things to hear while tattooing are blues, old country western, classical, and oldies. They provide a soothing effect for me and my clients, which helps us relax and gets my creative juices flowing. Facebook: David Irizarry (Izzy) Instagram: @izzytattoo1224 Brook Bailey ( It was inevitable that I would do something creative in life from day one, my Mother, a fine artist, and my Father, a wood worker and musician. I continued my love for the arts into High School and by graduation I supposed to be off to art school in the “big city” of San Francisco. But, after a couple of years at MJC I took a long break from art to work and “figure out” what I wanted to be when I grew up. In 2009 I received the opportunity to apprentice under Sean Garcia at Foundation Tattoo and it changed my life. During my childhood my mom was a single mother in college getting her art degree. So not only did I attend Art Gallery openings but also concerts from a very young age. I truly love all types of music. But as my mom has always told me, I think I was born in the wrong era. I love oldies all the way up to the 60’s, my favorite probably being Otis Redding.

Jarod Silva

Growing up in Modesto, CA in the 80’s and early 90’s, hip hop culture had grabbed my attention around 5 years old after watching the movie “Beat Street”. I was infatuated with graffiti art from both graff writers and Latino gangs. I was always artistic, but had a passion for letters. Since I was a kid, I always loved the way tattoos looked. As I grew older and started getting tattooed, I would always wish I could be on the other side of the needle. After years of painting graffiti art on walls and trains, I decided to pursue a career in tattooing. 5 years later, here I am at Foundation loving what I do. I specialize in custom lettering and script, but also excel in new school and neo-traditional style tattooing that holds true to my graffiti roots with vibrant colors and dimension.

Jarod Silva aka “Lord Dsplae” FOUNDATION TATTOO 401 DOWNEY AVE MODESTO 209-409-8945 HOURS 12PM-8PM



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