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Dee-Jay Savage Salvador Spinning tunes that have you “Jumpin, Jivin Away!!!

Here is a little history behind those musical tunes of a Dee-Jay.

Leon Scott invented and was the first to record sound in 1857with the phonographic. Shortly, thereafter the phonographic cylinder was introduced for play back of sounds recorded by Thomas Edison. Skipping along to the point. A young man 16 years of age from California by the name of Ray Newby started spinning records to college students from a small transmitter in 1909. Where, radio broadcasting became a reality in 1910.

Twenty years later is where the word Disc Jockey fell into play with the first Dee-Jay Jimmy Sarile introducing a worldly dance party, spinning his jazz records. In 1947 the Whiskey A Go Go in Paris jumped on the bandwagon of spinning musical beats. Francis Grasso in 1969, started continuous beats the kept the dance floors juvenating with people mixing from one record to another. Here is what brings us today. A young stylish man with a passion of beat matching old school style with the musical influences of “Rockabilly”. Time to chat with Dee-Jay Savage Salvador.

MV: What got you started Dee Jaying with the Oldies?? DJ: I’d been an avid listener of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, Rock n’Roll and Rockabilly for some years but I started Dee Jaying kind of on a whim. I heard of a good deal on a set of turntables’ & I figured “Hey…I could DJ” hahaha. Then I started furiously collecting all the tunes on vinyl I felt would really get people dancing.

MV: Passion seems to be the key to any success, what makes you passionate on the genre of “Rockabilly”? DJ: I have the innate quality of wanting to endlessly dig deeper and discover any and all artists and songs I can in all musical genres I’ve ever had an interest in. Naturally this is an aspect of my personality well suited to my role as a Dee Jay. Also, there’s just something about that rockin’ beat that puts the rhythm in my feet ! When I hear it I can’t help but get to Boppin’ and there ain’t no stoppin’ ..hahaha !

MV: I know you have plated several events in Modesto recently, how did you hook up with the Modesto music scene, living in Visalia? DJ: I’m a Dee Jay of ambition and I don’t limit myself to Visalia or the Central Valley. I’ve been as far out as Burbank to Dee Jay and I have plans to branch out further. The first time I DJ’d in Modesto I contacted John Black about his J Street block party and had a blast spinnin’ tunes for the fine folks of Modesto and I was well received. Rod Piazza’s band was playing that day and one of the members of his band came up and commented about an Ike Turner tune I played, “Man you never hear anybody play stuff like that anymore”! Coming from a veteran of the blues scene I definitely took it as a compliment. MV: When beat mixing; has there ever been a strange situation with a request from your audiences? Maybe one you couldn’t fulfill and their reaction?? DJ: One night at Audie’s in Fresno this girl asked why I was playing “old people music” and if I had and “Hippity Hop”. She clearly didn’t have the smarts to assess that it was a certain type of “club night” despite being surrounded by guys wearing pompadours and cuffed jeans and girls with Bettie bangs and victory rolls. I was spinnin’ tunes to cater to that demographic.

MV: If, someone would like to hire you for an event or house party, what is the best way to contact you? DJ: I can be reached by phone 1-979-476-2546 or they can search my FACEBOOK “Savage Salvador”, to message me and add me as a friend, Also” like” my page at

P.S. Jenn wishes her husband Mike a Happy Valentine’s Day



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