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RockabillyView This is our monthly column celebrating the music that has unique origins in Modesto since Freddy Maddox started his slappin’ bass sound in 1938. Modesto USA is the roots of Rock and Roll and we love to celebrate it monthly and all year long with our high priestess of Rockabilly, Jenn Allsup – Chris Murphy

Rockabilly View By Jennifer Allsup

Blessing Modesto once again with his Reverend ways, Jim “Reverend” Heath, front man of Reverend Horton Heat will be taking the stage at Fat Cat Music House and Lounge on March 7th. With local acts Eli Goodtimes & the Oldtimers along with the Pendletons. A little of everything from the young to us older folks. Reverend Horton Heat began his true career in 1985 with a mix of punk, country, big band, surf and Rockabilly and the Cramps were a great influence on Jim’s musical adventures. In the 90’s Rev. built a strong cult following as a three piece band was a pychobilly rush for the cult followers. Updating their sound for future alternative rock. Jim a.k.a the “Rev” Heath plays a strong distorted guitar. Jimbo Wallace swinging his stand-up bass around and lying her on the ground while The “Rev” climbed on top still wailing on his guitar during their sets were purely tremdendous. I got the pleasure of witnessing such pleasures of this trio strutting their talents. Reverend Horton Heat shows their theories of a Rock n’ Roll lifestyles in their stage performances, telling stories of fast cars, booze….I am sure you know the rest. When on stage “Rev” tells his stories in a lyrical sermon which makes him in my opinion and I idolize what he does as a musician. With the release of 16 albums and still going 28 years later I suggest you catch the show in March or even go out and purchase one of my favorites Holy Roller,Smoke Em’ If You Got Em”, Revival, Full Custom Gospel & It’s Martini Time. All great ones to listen to while hanging at home alone cooking and cleaning or hanging out with friends and dancing around the backyard. So, ladies and gents, roll your smokes up in your sleeve and hold on to your cowboy hats, it’s time to take a trip back to a time before slick, over-produced country became the norm-a time when outlaws wrote songs about being without a pot to piss in-or at least about psycho ex-boyfriends and deadbeat girlfriends that spend your paycheck faster than you can say Lone Star. says “Jim Heath”. Smiles, Jenn Allsup



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