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TattooView: Get to Know PMA Tattoo Studio

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Stanislaus County has hundreds of tattoo shops, if you are looking for somewhere to not only get some amazing pieces done, but also enjoy a place with a positive energy and absolute respect for where they came from, PMA is the place for you. Artists Sean, Jared, Nick, Corey, Raymond, Davey, Alex and Brandon all put their best foot forward when it comes to their artwork and are down to earth people who really make you feel comfortable. PMA is located at 114 West Orangeburg Avenue in Modesto, California. This location opened about five months ago, and the artists all came by word of mouth. They fought hard for the location and artist Sean even informed me that the location was actually not really in their budget, but they made it happen. When I first walked into PMA, I immediately felt the vibe of positivity and was welcomed in with smiles. Positivity is something that means a lot to these artists and the name PMA is derived from it. PMA stands for “positive mental attitude” and is a big deal in the tattooing community. All of the artists at PMA are home grown here in the Central Valley and take great pride in the tattooing community of Modesto. When asked, Nick Castro says Modesto is the “Wild West” of tattooing with a lot of history. Modesto is very well known for their tattoos and PMA is proud to be a part of that community. When asked if they were inspired by anyone in particular, artists Nick and Sean explained that mostly they are inspired by those around them. These artists grow and thrive off of one another and their shop is very family-oriented. They explained to me that they spend anywhere from ten to eleven hours with each other in a single work day and they respect each other’s work. This shop is an absolute powerhouse and each artist believes in the quality of the other’s work. Their shop flourishes on an equality based business efforts. Each person puts forth as much as the next. While talking, it seemed to me each person was adamant on letting it be known that Sean was the back-bone of PMA. The artists see Sean as a leader and someone who holds the shop together. They want people to understand and know how much respect they have for Sean and how very thankful they are for all he does. They also want the public to know that some of their biggest ideals are that they never want to lose where their craft comes from. They do not tattoo to become famous and rich, they tattoo because they genuinely love their art and want to make people happy. Positivity and happiness is key. They are very accepting of walk-ins and want to tattoo as often as possible. PMA is not just a shop for these artists, it’s a lifestyle. If this isn’t enough to convince you, just head over to the shop and see for yourself.

Photos by Rudy Lopez



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