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TrainingView – Pre Marathon Training

Pre-Marathon Training Tips
By Thomas Lopez, Dusty Bottoms & Fuzio
The Modesto Marathon is coming up. Let’s make sure you are ready for the big day and you get the most out of your training. Here are a few great tips.

1. Start eating right days before the marathon. Your pre-race meal is important, but give your body a chance to properly nourish over more than just one day. Also, make that dinner pre-race meal an early one. Give your body a chance to digest it and turn it into fuel before the early morning comes.

2. Unless you’re trying to win, go out steady. It is easy to start out too quickly at the gun start. All the people and energy at the start of the Modesto Marathon is surreal, and easy to get caught up in. 26 miles is a long way. Mile 19-23 are the tough ones in this race. The road seems to go on forever and ever and your mind and body are going to challenge you. Save some gas in your tank for these particular miles. Race smart, and anticipate this being a hero to yourself!

3. Body chaffing is a frequent issue with runners who don’t prepare and it hurts! Get up early enough on race day and prepare for this. Body Glide, Squirrel Nut Butter, Desitin, and Vaseline are all good options. Guys, don’t forget to protect those nipples with bandaids! It’s still astonishing how many runners forget to do this, or think they won’t need it on race day. You want that amazing finishing photo to show a smile on your face!

4. Although drinking lots of water the day before race day is recommended, don’t over do it. Nobody wants to tote the start line with a sloshy, bloated stomach. You learned how to properly hydrate during training, so don’t over think it. Too much fluid causes nausea and can ruin your race as quickly as being under hydrated.

5. Realize just getting to the start line was a journey very few have accomplished. The actual race is a reward, but you already did the hard part during training. Enjoy your reward, the people that surround you, and the people who supported you!



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